Actionable Health And Wellness Resources For Your Key Communities

Provide digital health and wellness education to your faculty and staff with Mental Well-Being for Faculty and Staff

Just-in-Time Health Education For Your Community

Before the coronavirus pandemic, mental health was already a critical issue and now has heightened. Although your community’s health and wellness are not tied to a single factor, the time is now to invest in education around this key area to ensure the long-term, sustaining well-being of your stakeholders.

Layered Effects: Mental Wellness and Other Health and Wellness Issues

When untreated or without proper education for individuals, mental wellness, substance misuse, and other health and wellness issues can cause death, lost productivity for businesses, increases in crime, public assistance and social services, taxpayer health care costs, and psychological and personal issues.


Billion dollars were lost earnings from the U.S. economy due to serious mental illness.


of the U.S. population has used one or more prescription drugs in the past 30 days.


Additional deaths from alcohol and drug misuse and suicide could result from the COVID-19 pandemic.

EDU - HE - Alcohol Misuse Impacts Safety

Mental Well-Being for Faculty and Staff

Provide health and wellness education at scale and seamlessly with your branding and customizations to your target audiences — wherever, whenever they need.

Topics Include:

  • Mental Health Awareness
  • Mental Health Skills

How It Works

Mental Well-Being for Faculty and Staff is an interactive, mobile-first learning solution that gives your organization the ability to deliver health and wellness education to your communities — wherever they are.

Track And Report On Community Impact

Community engagement is finally measurable. By providing Mental Well-Being for Faculty and Staff to your consumers, you’ll be able to see the impact you are making. With comprehensive data reporting on learner activity will allow you to gain valuable insights into what is happening in your community.

Launch Your Wellness Education Program

Mental Well-Being for Faculty and Staff includes vital information on prescription drug safety and mental wellness for adult communities across the globe. Mental Well-Being for Faculty and Staff offers three playlists that are made up of a total of 18 interactive, microlearning experiences. Using videos, surveys, and scenarios, each sequence runs 3-6 minutes in length making it easily consumable.

Reach Your Community In A Meaningful Way

Let us help your organization tell its story by teaming up with our dedicated team of experts. Whether your organization is looking for media coverage, community assets, or digital resources, our team is able to provide best-in-class tips to help maximize your reach.

Explore Some Course Features

Mental Well-Being for Faculty and Staff provides a modern, interactive learning experience that resonates with your faculty and staff.

Mental Well-Being Basics

Mental well-being is knowing and doing the things that may make you happy, living a life that aligns with your personal values, and engaging in meaningful relationships with others.

It also means understanding yourself and your personal needs, and seeking out help if you may be experiencing challenges to your mental health.
In the upcoming activities, you’ll explore and learn more about mental well-being, common mental health challenges, and how to seek help for yourself and others. Let’s take a closer look.


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Prescription stimulant medication increases the activity of specific brain chemicals known as neurotransmitters.

Do a Full Body Scan

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Do a Full Body Scan

Take a few minutes to sit very still and close your eyes. Starting with your toes and moving to the crown of your head, briefly notice each part of your body. Where do you feel pain or tightness? Where do you feel relaxed? Where might you benefit from better self-care?


Sleep Problems


Digestive System Reactions


Cardiovascular Conditions


Psychosis, Intense Anger, and Paranoia


Substance Use Disorder


Mental Well-Being for Faculty and Staff for Educators

Educators show up every day to play a critical role in supporting the educational, social, and emotional development of students. Mental Well-Being for Faculty and Staff for Educators is a critical resource designed to support them. Learn more about how you can support these key community members.

Vector Solutions Can Help You:

  • Provide just-in-time, digital learning experiences to equip your communities with the strategies and best practices to manage prescription medication use.

  • Deliver population-level prevention education to help make long-term, positive progress in the opioid crisis.

  • Bring scalable and measurable solutions to reach your most critical audiences.

Insights To Expand Your Community Impact

More resources featuring research, key themes, and actionable tactics to make impactful changes to your strategies.

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