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Online driver training by the School Bus Safety Company.

Are You Ready to Comply with MAP-21?

Vector Solutions and the School Bus Safety Company can help schools comply with the Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century Act (MAP-21) that impacts all new drivers who must have a Class A or Class B commercial driver’s license (CDL). The Entry Level Driver Training MAP-21 package developed directly with the Federal Motor Safety Administration (FMCSA) can help you and your drivers meet the training requirements.

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Prevent Costly Incidents


Cost-effectively deliver consistent training.

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Improves Safety

Help drivers do their job the right way, every time.

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Assign courses individually or use in group training sessions.

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Reduces Accidents

Proven to reduce accidents by nearly 50%.

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Saves Time

Set up your driver training plan in minutes.

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Delivering award-winning driver training for 20+ years.

We Can Help You Comply
with MAP-21

Our MAP-21 Compliance Package program addresses the three major areas of MAP-21 regulations: Entry Level Driver Training (ELDT), the Training Provider Registry (TPR) and the Safety Management System (SMS) to ensure that you are able to achieve 100% compliance with the upcoming MAP-21 regulations. 

Watch Our MAP-21 Overview Video for helpful information on the requirements and how we can help.

Driver Training Course

This module contains 25 integrated courses that cover almost everything a school bus driver needs to know to do their job the right way, every time.  Help your drivers reduce risk with this expert-authored training.

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Entry Level Driver Training

A supplemental course to our Driver Training course, this course will help your new drivers understand the theory and behind-the-wheel topics required by MAP-21, including passenger and school bus endorsement topics.

Training Provider Registry

This new guide features instructions on how to complete and submit the Training Provider ID Report to obtain your location's TPR number, and a detailed checklist of all 93 MAP-21 training topics covered within our materials.

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Safety Management System

This guide features tips on identifying and analyzing hazards, and the actions needed to mitigate them with techniques supporting safety leadership practices to change driver behaviors.

Easily Manage Your Driver Training Online

Vector Training customers may purchase the School Bus Safety Company courses as an optional course library add-on to their existing training system. Or purchase just the School Bus Safety Company courses, delivered through our award-winning online training system.

  • Set up your training plan in minutes.
  • Instantly assign courses to your New Hires when they are entered in the system.
  • Staff automatically receive email notifications of assignments and helpful reminders.
  • Completions are tracked in real-time and compliance reports are delivered to your inbox.
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Our K-12 Safety & Professional Growth Suite

The following programs in our K-12 Safety and Professional Growth Suite complement our Training Management System and can help make your district an even safer, more effective place to work and learn. And, when you purchase more than one Vector Solutions program, you’re eligible for our discount program.


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“We have seen a 36% reduction in preventable school bus accidents with SBSC training!”

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