Inclusive Instruction & Interventions

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Evidence-Based Professional Development and Special Education Courses Designed for K-12 Teachers and Paraeducators

With our Inclusive Instruction & Interventions courses, you can easily deliver engaging, evidence-based online professional development to all staff who support diverse learners. The courses are specifically designed to help general education and special education teachers, principals, paraeducators, and support staff improve instruction and learning outcomes for all students.


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Customize courses with your own content

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Expert Authors

Written by the nation's leading experts

Engage Staff

Convenient Online System

Training is available 24/7, in one centralized system

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Personalized PD

Tailor PD plans for specific roles, new hires, or individuals

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Real-Life Scenarios

Make professional learning actionable with real-life scenarios

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Flexible subscription options

Prepare Every Educator to Be Successful in the Classroom

Access our full Inclusive Instruction & Interventions course library of self-paced online courses that equip administrators, teachers, and paraeducators with the skills, instructional strategies, and resources to meet the needs of diverse learners and manage challenging behavior.


Comprehensive Course Library

Flexible, self-paced courses include interventions and actionable ideas, assessments, downloadable resources, and more. Topics include:

  • 100+ Evidence-based Online Courses
  • Courses Designed for Specific Roles
  • Find Courses for Teachers, Paraeducators, and Principals
  • Access the Complete Library for Maximum ROI

Flexible Subscription Options Available

Paraeducator Courses

Give paraeducators essential skills to support diverse learners. Topics include:

  • ADHD Overview
  • Autism Spectrum Disorder Overview
  • Behavior Intervention Plan Overview, and more
Factors Related to Challenging Behavior

Effective Classroom Instruction Courses

Equip teachers with strategies and skills to improve instructional effectiveness to help all learners in diverse classrooms succeed. Topics include:

  • Bullying and Students with Special Needs
  • Differentiated Instruction
  • Trauma Awareness, and more

Serving Students with Diverse Needs Courses

Provide teachers and administrators with strategies and interventions to help students with exceptionalities succeed. Topics include:

  • ADHD
  • Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Behavior
  • Dyslexia, and more
Dyslexia Awareness - Understanding Dyslexia

Parents/Guardians Courses

Help parents and guardians understand the special education process. Topics include:

  • Collaborative IEP Meetings
  • Individuals with Disabilities Education Act
  • Special Education Referral Process, and more

Customize for Your District and Empower Educators

With flexible subscription options and powerful customization tools, each course can be personalized to meet your state or individual district needs. By adding in customized introductions, conclusions, learning outcomes, and objectives, educators will feel ready to meet their goals and student needs. 

Additional Course Library Options

Customize your Vector Training annual subscription with the course library options that best meet your specific needs.

Featured Clients

"We've received nothing but positive feedback from our paraprofessionals and educators who have taken the courses. We value our continued partnership with Vector Solutions and appreciate both their support in helping us successfully use their programs, as well as their openness to listen to feedback and ideas for future enhancements and additional course content."

Karen Andrews


Coordinating Supervisor for the Department of Special Education, Prince George's County Public Schools, MD

"Vector Solutions’ Inclusive Instruction & Interventions courses make sense to meet everyone's needs - from the administration to paraprofessionals - and helps prepare all staff to improve the outcomes of students with disabilities."

Michael Remus


Director of Student Services, Sedona-Oak Creek Unified School District #9, AZ

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