Workplace Driving Risk Assessment & Training

Evaluate driver competency and close training gaps with a custom-built assessment and 12 course driver training series.


Workplace Driving Safety Solution Overview

Our workplace driving safety solution combines our driving risk assessment program with our workplace driving safety courses and packages them in the Convergence LMS for easy and reliable driver training.

Includes 12 Workplace Driving Safety Courses

Our workplace driving risk assessment program comes bundled with 12 of our most important driving safety courses.

Workplace Driving Risk Assessment & Training

Interactive Driving Risk Assessment

Place personnel in the driver's seat and put their reaction times to the test. Interactive scenarios evaluate a driver's ability to detect and avoid common road hazards.

  • Virtual driving scenarios test a driver's situational awareness
  • Multiple-choice questions measure an employee’s general driving knowledge
  • In-depth evaluations of driver competencies are provided for each employee
  • Custom training plans are generated for each employee based on assessment performance

Supplemental 3D Driving Courses

Our additional library of 3D animated courses immerse individuals in a variety of driving conditions and test their capabilities in a safe and controlled learning environment.

  • 35+ workplace driving courses cover key driving safety & compliance issues
  • Expose drivers to dangerous scenarios that cannot be easily replicated in real life
  • Built-in knowledge assessments reinforce learning objectives and improve retention

360° Training Plans

Combine our Driver Assessment program with other safety, compliance, and skill-building courses to create complete workforce training plans for your entire organization.

  • Assign training to personnel in just a few clicks
  • Deliver compliance courses online or on mobile
  • Schedule annual and recurring assignments
  • Track instructor-led or in-person training
  • Generate and share 60+ reports

35+ Workplace Driving Safety Courses


DOT Compliance


DOT Compliance


Driver Safety

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