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Whitepapers & Guides
February 3 2021

White Paper: Why Skill-Based Pay Programs Are Benefiting Industrial…

Learn the key features and benefits of a skill-based pay program The skill-based pay movement got its start in the 1960s when Proctor & Gamble began using the strategy to improve operations in manufacturing plants that required high levels of…

Whitepapers & Guides
February 3 2021

White Paper: The State of Industrial Training in 2019

The State of Industrial Training in 2019 To understand the top training priorities and challenges of industrial businesses, Vector Solutions recently surveyed leaders from a variety of sectors, including manufacturing, chemical processing, power generation, food and beverage and pharmaceutical/biotech. Learn…

Success Stories
October 30 2018

Customer Success Story: Pilot Chemical Company

We’ve been excited to work with the Pilot Chemical Company and with John Buttery, who’s in charge of developing Pilot’s training programs, for some time now. We thought we’d touch base with John to learn more about Pilot, their training…

July 9 2018

Why is HAZCOM training important in the workplace?

HAZCOM training in the workplace is important to protect workers from the chemical hazards they face while working on the job and to comply with OSHA’s standards. Unfortunately, not everyone realizes this, as OSHA named “failure to comply with OSHA’s Hazard…

November 11 2015

Safety tips for chemical manufacturers [Video]

Over the years, OSHA has developed helpful safety resources to apply to a vast range of industries in the manufacturing sector. In the chemical manufacturing industry, when chemicals are not properly managed, workers can be exposed to hazards that could result in injury or…