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Higher Education

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February 21 2024

Five Action Steps to Create a Positive Culture for…

75% of people who feel harassed never report it. Colleges and universities should be positive places to work – places where employees feel valued and respected. When workplace bullying, harassment or other negative actions occur, it creates an unhealthy workplace…

Press Releases
January 17 2024

Vector Solutions Announces 2023 CPN Seal of Prevention™ Recipients

This year, 409 higher education institutions and organizations received this designation for their exceptional commitment to digital student wellness, safety, and inclusion efforts TAMPA, FL, January 18, 2024 – Today, Vector Solutions, the leading provider of training, software solutions, and…

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December 5 2023

Five Tips for Managing Risk on College Campuses

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) sets regulations for workplaces to help ensure safe and healthy working conditions. These regulations apply to college campuses as well. These regulations can be complex – covering everything from hazardous materials and laboratory…

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October 30 2023

Four Components of a Comprehensive Mental Well-Being Plan for…

College can be a challenging time for all students, both personally and academically. For college athletes, these challenges are amplified: they’re balancing academics and other elements of life on campus, significant time commitments of their team responsibilities, and intense pressure…

In The News
July 31 2023

New Data Reveals Need for Mental Well-Being Resources on…

Campus Safety article by Vector’s Holly Rider-Milkovich dives into Vector’s CPN National Insights Report on the State of Mental Well Being on campus

Press Releases
July 25 2023

Vector Solutions Releases Campus Prevention Network National Insights Report…

The first annual CPN National Insights Report series captures the views of over 1 million students across 2,000+ colleges and universities to provide a critical look at the challenges facing higher education students and institutions TAMPA, FL, July 18, 2023…

In The News
June 30 2023

Supreme Court Dismantles Affirmative Action in College Admissions

Vector’s Rob Buelow weighs in on SHRM’s recent article that takes a look at how The Supreme Court’s decision to curb affirmative action in higher education could impact workplace DE&I efforts.

In The News
June 27 2023

Students Report Sexual Assault – but Mainly to Their…

Vector’s Holly Rider-Milkovich is interviewed in Insider Higher Ed on the results of our National Insights Report on The State of Sexual and Gender-Based Violence on college campuses.

In The News
May 19 2023

A focus on higher education wellness programs

Vector’s Rob Buelow discusses how wellness programs help solve higher ed business challenges.

May 4 2023

Campus Climate Surveys Inform Safety and Prevention Initiatives on…

The Prevalence of Intimate Partner or Sexual Violence Among College Students College and university campuses should be safe places for students to learn and grow, however sexual assault, harassment and dating violence remain prevalent concerns among higher education institutions nationwide.…