Higher Education

Higher Education

September 8 2021

National Suicide Prevention Awareness Month 2021

Throughout September, we recognize and raise awareness on suicide prevention. Suicide, an often sitgmatized and taboo topic, is a common reality facing colleges and universities today. September provides an opportunity for campus leaders to raise awareness on suicide prevention, promote…

September 7 2021

Stay Connected and Responsive For Today’s Evolving Safety Needs…

ON-DEMAND WEBINAR Stay Connected and Responsive For Today’s Evolving Safety Needs in Higher Education Webinar Details As the higher education challenges related to COVID-19 continue to evolve, it’s vital college and university leaders have the ability to quickly share emerging…

September 3 2021

2021 CPN Seal of Prevention Honorees

Campus Prevention Network Seal of Prevention™ | 2021 Honorees Congratulations to our 2021 Campus Prevention Network Seal of Prevention™ Recipients! The CPN Seal of Prevention™ is awarded to institutions and organizations of higher education that have demonstrated a commitment to…

August 30 2021

Our Future Together with Campus Prevention Network

ON-DEMAND WEBINAR Our Future Together - Vector Solutions Higher Education & Campus Prevention Network Webinar Details Vector Solutions is pleased to welcome EVERFI’s Campus Prevention Network and higher education team to our organization. This is a wonderful opportunity to grow…

August 25 2021

Prepare Your Institution for Upcoming National Observances This September

As we head into the 2021-22 academic year, Vector Solutions wants to help your college or university to prepare for upcoming national events, so that you can better promote safety, well-being, and inclusivity on campus. Here’s what you can prepare…

August 24 2021

Why AlcoholEdu for College™ is the Largest Online Course…

Much to the dismay of students, parents, educators, administrators and college presidents, the culture of drinking on campus at many colleges and universities still prevails. While headlines are dominated by stories of negative consequences associated with drinking, schools are struggling…

August 18 2021

The Max Gruver Acts

In March 2021, Georgia enacted the “Max Gruver Act” to reduce and prevent hazing rituals in the state’s colleges and universities. Max Gruver, a Roswell, Georgia native, had attended Louisiana State University for one month when he passed away in…

August 11 2021

Title IX Updates | Q&A Session (July 2021)

On July 20, 2021, the U.S. Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights (OCR) issued a Q&A on the amendments to Title IX regulations that went into effect on August 14, 2020 (the “2020 amendments”). The Q&A explains OCR’s interpretation…

August 4 2021

6 Ways to Use Vector LiveSafe on Campus

All students, faculty, and staff face safety risks on campus. These risks may include: facility hazards, accidents or injuries, robberies, assaults, mental health concerns, drug or alcohol abuse, hazing, and more. Deploying a safety communications platform and mobile app such…