Vector PD Tracking for Higher Education

Formerly TeachPoint

Vector PD Tracking empowers administrators to spend more time focused on providing faculty and staff with valuable opportunities to learn, grow, and succeed rather than worrying about the countless administrative tasks associated with it.

Vector PD Tracking is a customizable, online professional development platform that can take your professional growth initiatives for faculty and staff to the next level. Our platform helps you improve organization, streamline communication, and analyze your PD impact. Utilize our system to track your budget, manage in-person or virtual events, track attendance, build comprehensive reports, and more!


Vector PD Tracking
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Customize our platform to better fit your professional development goals.  

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Budget Management

Manage and plan your budget surrounding professional development more effectively. 

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Event Management

Schedule and host valuable professional development sessions for faculty and staff.

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Reporting & Analytics

Analyze professional development data and user feedback for improvement.

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Notifications & Reminders

Notify users of any assignments automatically and remind them until tasks are completed.

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Powerful Integrations

Integrate our system with the Vector LMS & Training Platform to educate users with expert content.

Advance Faculty & Staff with a
User-Friendly Professional Development Solution

The Vector PD Tracking Solution provides higher education administrators the tools they need to easily plan, manage, track, and evaluate professional development among faculty and staff at their institutions.

Reduce Administrative Work

Vector PD Tracking reduces the strenuous administrative tasks associated with professional development through robust tools:

  • Real-Time Dashboard
  • Custom Forms and Workflows
  • Budget Forecasting & Management

Master Event Mangement

Vector PD Tracking enables administrators to easily manage virtual or in-person events, so that you can focus on providing continuous learning and development opportunities to faculty and staff:

  • Schedule and Publish Professional Development Events or Opportunities (One-Off Events or Recurring)
  • Utilize Our E-Calendar for Upcoming Events
  • Track Faculty and Staff Registration and Attendance (Auto-Enroll, E-Sign-In)
  • Provide Certificates of Completion and Professional Development Credit
  • Receive Attendee Feedback

Customize to Meet Your Needs

Vector PD Tracking has been designed to meet the unique needs of colleges and universities for professional development:

  • Build, Design, and Publish Unique Event Templates
  • Create Customized Feedback Forms
  • Personalize Event Workflows to Meet Your Needs

Analyze Your Impact

Vector PD Tracking provides administrators with the ability to analyze the professional growth of their faculty and staff and provides opportunities on how their institution can take their opportunities to the next level:

  • Export Comprehensive Professional Development Reports
  • Evaluate Faculty and Staff Certifications and Recertifications
  • Review Faculty and Staff Feedback

Vector LMS & Training Integration

Vector PD Tracking can integrate with our Vector LMS & Training platform, so that you can assign expert-written, engaging courses to faculty and staff:

  • 150+ Compliance and Safety Courses for Higher Education (Human Resources, Employment Practices, Diversity & Inclusion, Facilities Maintenance, and more)
  • Written by Industry Experts, such as Alison Kiss, Michelle Issadore, Dr. Steve Pearlman
  • Customization Options to Include Institution-Specific Resources or Build Your Own Courses from Scratch

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