Increase Awareness and Encourage Better Decision-Making Among Faculty and Staff

Vector Solutions is a trusted and proven leader in faculty and staff training. Our courses help colleges and universities train faculty and staff to increase awareness, encourage better decision-making, and comply with federal and state legislation.

We are trusted by hundreds of colleges and universities across the country to help train their faculty and staff on a variety of complex topics, such as Cybersecurity, Diversity and Inclusion, Facilities Maintenance, Sexual Harassment, Security, Title IX, and more! Courses can even help you comply with federal and state legislation, such as Title IX, FERPA, the Clery Act, OSHA, EEO, and HIPAA.



Designed for Higher Ed

Our courses are designed for higher education, so users can better relate to the content.

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Comphrensive Options

Our course catalog includes over 150 courses for higher education faculty and staff.


Easily Customizable

Customize our courses to include specific information or build your own courses.

Engage Staff

Realistic Scenarios

Our courses include realistic scenarios, which show how users can apply strategies. 

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Authored by Experts

We consult with leading higher education experts to write and develop our courses.

Prevent Costly Incidents


With our flexible annual subscription, select the training that your institution needs.

Comprehensive Course Options

We offer 150+ courses that have been exclusively designed for faculty and staff at institutions of higher education. These compliance and safety courses have been written by industry experts and are here to help you increase awareness and encourage better decision-making among your faculty and staff. Here are a few popular categories:

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Compliance and Safety

Increase awareness and encourage even better decision-making.

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Diversity and Inclusion

Advance inclusive culture by exploring diversity and inclusion concepts. 

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Facilities Maintenance

Foster a safe and secure work environment for your facilities staff.

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College of Charleston - The Cistern


Ensure you're in compliance with state-specific training requirements.

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Engaging Course Design to Foster Positive Change

Our Vector LMS & Training, Higher Education Courses are designed to engage faculty and staff to increase awareness and encourage even better decision-making through design elements, such as:

  • Engaging Video and Graphics
  • Realistic Scenarios
  • Interactivity

Drive Impact Through a Powerful Platform

Through our Vector LMS & Training platform, administrators are empowered to drive effective impact at their institutions by utilizing our intuitive, built-in features, which include automation, customization, and comprehensive analytics.

Automate Training Processes

The Vector LMS & Training platform empowers administrators to save time by automating training-related tasks with intuitive features:

  • Automatic Notifications & Reminders
  • Training Plans (New Hire, Annual, Refreshers)
  • Real-Time Training Analytics
  • Comprehensive Reporting
  • Advanced Assessment Features

Customize to Reflect Your Values and Include Your Resources

It's critical for colleges and universities to provide education and training that reflects their institution's tones and values to keep students engaged.

Through our customization features, you are empowered to customize courses to better reflect your institution, include institution-specific resources, or build your own course from scratch.


Our compliance and safety courses are SCORM-compliant and can be administered through a variety of LMSs.

Provide faculty and staff with engaging courses written by industry experts and handle all tracking and reporting in one convenient LMS.


What Our Customers Say

"We chose to partner with Vector Solutions because their employee and student training solution was direct and specific to our needs. In addition, we were promised excellent client support and they delivered!"

Charlotte Strickland

Director of Professional Development & Training, The University of Central Arkansas

"If another Higher Education administrator asked me about Vector Solutions, my response would be…what are you waiting for?"

Bonnie Dahl

Director of Human Resources and Title IX Coordinator

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