Encourage Healthier Decision-Making and Change Student Behaviors

Vector Solutions is a trusted and proven leader in student prevention education and training. Our courses help colleges and universities uniquely educate students to help them succeed throughout their education experience.

We are trusted by hundreds of colleges and universities across the country to help uniquely educate their students on a variety of complex topics, so that they can succeed. Our Student Course Library includes Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention, Campus Life, Diversity & Inclusion, Sexual Violence Prevention, and Wellness. These powerful courses can help you comply with federal and state legislation, such as the Campus SaVE Act, DFSCA, Title IX, and more.



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Customized by Student

Our courses are customized by student type, so it can be more relevant and applicable.

Simplify Administration

Variety of Courses

Our comprehensive course options allow you to educate and train on a variety of topics.

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Student Testimonials

Our courses feature real-life student testimonials to stimulate change in students.

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Peer Presenters

Our courses feature peer presenters, so students can better relate to the content.

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Our courses have been written by leading experts and include best practices.

Sharpen Skills

Learner Improvement

Utilize our intuitive features to measure retention, so that you can prove effectiveness.

Stimulate Change in Student Behaviors

Our prevention and compliance courses are designed to encourage healthier decision-making and keep your students safe. By utilizing peer presenters and real-life testimonials, students can emotionally connect and better understand these complex issues.

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Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention

Educate students on the risks of alcohol and drug abuse and its detrimental effects.

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Campus Life

Support a safer learning environment by exploring complex campus topics.

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Diversity & Inclusion

Advance inclusive culture by exploring diversity and inclusion concepts. 

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Sexual Violence Prevention

Engage students to better understand sexual violence and how to intervene.

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Prepare students for social and emotional well-being challenges that can occur.

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Engaging Course Design to Foster Positive Change

Our Vector LMS & Training, Higher Education Courses are designed to stimulate change in student behavior and attitudes through design elements, such as:

  • Real-Life Student Testimonials & Peer Presenters
  • Engaging, Realistic Scenarios
  • Interactivity

Drive Impact Through a Powerful Platform

Through our Vector LMS & Training platform, administrators are empowered to drive effective impact at their institutions by utilizing our intuitive, built-in features, which include automation, customization, and comprehensive analytics.

Gain Insights on Learner Improvement

Our Vector LMS & Training platform enables administrators to better understand the impact their prevention education and training curriculum is having on their student population.

Through our 'Pre- and Post-Assessment' feature, you can make sure students are not only comprehending complex topics, but are acquiring healthier decision-making strategies to help them succeed.



Customize to Reflect Your Values and Include Your Resources

It's critical for colleges and universities to provide education and training that reflects their institution's tones and values to keep students engaged.

Through our customization features, you are empowered to customize courses to better reflect your institution, include institution-specific resources, or build your own course from scratch.

Provide an Accessible Learning Experience to All Learners

We believe that all students should share a similar learning experience, that's why we design our programs with accessibility at the foundation and are dedicated to meeting and exceeding industry accessibility standards.

Our learner interface is WCAG 2.0 AA+ compliant and has been designed to be intuitive by nature, so all users can access our powerful prevention education.


What Our Customers Say

"Since implementing the Sexual Violence Prevention Training, we have seen an increase in student awareness, reporting, and bystander intervention. It helps us meet mandatory requirements for our VAWA grant. After reviewing several providers, we picked this training because of the quality content and customization."

Juli Parker

Assistant Dean of Students, The University of Massachusetts

"Outside of compliance with the SaVE Act, UCA has noticed an increased discussion on campus between advisors and students about the course topics, which is a positive indicator to UCA that it's making students think about these complex issues."

Charlotte Strickland

Director of Professional Development and Training, The University of Central Arkansas

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