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Technology to Train, Prepare, and Retain the "First" First Responders

Steve Martini

"Guardian Tracking is like a part-time assistant that comes and taps you on the shoulder when someone is doing really well or poorly."


Stephen Martini, ENP RPL CPE

Director at Metro Nashville Department of Emergency Communications and skilled in crisis management, coaching, government, and emergency management. Strong media and communication professional with certifications focused in PSAP Operations and Administration from NENA and APCO.

What Our Customers Say

"Vector's Training Management System is a one-stop-shop for tracking all staff credentials, certifications, licenses, hours, courses, and resources."

North County Dispatch

Bryan Buck, Communications Manager of Operations

North County Dispatch Joint Powers Authority (CA)


Uplevel your 911 telecommunicator training with one system for everything: onboarding, probationary DORs, CTO, annual requirements, professional development, and policy reviews.

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911 Training and Software Solutions

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Personnel scheduling and asset management ensures a properly staffed and equipped team, for a better prepared team.

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A critical incident and early intervention solution that promotes positive ECC culture results in better wellness and performance to retain your telecommunicators.

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Emergency Communication Case Studies

"Something goes wrong. You write them up, do the paperwork, but the next week they do three good things and nobody remembers. Getting Guardian Tracking is one of the best things we’ve done to improve positivity."

Rick Anderson, 911 Coordinator

"I was counting excel spreadsheet boxes for staff scheduling; it was a nightmare. Vector Scheduling is super helpful."
Michele Burke, Communications Sergeant Stearns County Sheriff's Office

“Supervisors receive notifications of when their staff members complete their training and can run reports to see what everyone has trained on during specific time periods, and what they may still need to take. The LMS keeps everyone up to date and on track.”

Joe Schelstreet, Executive Director