Electrical Maintenance Training

Based on best practices and standards including NEC, our online electrical maintenance training jumpstarts technician's skills to ensure safe, reliable operations, testing, and repairs of electrical systems and equipment.

Improve Operations with Vector Electrical Maintenance Training

Current, Voltage, and Resistance

This course briefly reviews the aspects of atomic structures that allow the flow of electricity and then describes the relationship between current, voltage and resistance in an electrical circuit.

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Electrical Meters and Measurements

This module describes the typical features and usage of digital multimeters, as well as those of voltage detectors, clamp ammeters, megohmeters, digital thermometers and oscilloscopes.

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Electrical Wiring and Connections

The primary dangers associated with the distribution of electric power are electrocution and the generation of heat. These hazards must be considered when laying out and connecting all types of wiring.

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