Product Brochures

Product Brochures

Product Brochures
November 29 2022

Inclusive Instruction & Interventions Brochure

Prepare All K-12 Educators to Meet the Needs of Your Diverse Learners Today’s educators serve students with increasingly diverse needs and face more challenging classroom behavior issues, but they often lack sufficient professional development to help all students in inclusive…

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November 21 2022

Course Translations Feature Overview

Train Your Diverse Campus Population with New Course Translations Vector Solutions is launching an exciting new course translations feature in our Vector LMS that customers can add to their annual subscription. These translations leverage machine learning and innovative AI technology,…

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November 17 2022

Vector Evaluations+ and PD Tracking Brochure

Easily Manage Professional Growth and Performance Across Your District Vector Solutions can help simplify the professional development tracking and staff evaluation process, making it easier for busy administrators. Our customizable Evaluations+ and PD Tracking solutions are easy to use and…

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November 9 2022

Campus Climate Survey Tool Brochure

Stand-Alone Solution Makes It Easy to Comply with New VAWA Requirements Starting next year, colleges and universities that receive federal funding will be required to administer a campus climate survey every two years on issues related to: Dating and Domestic…

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October 21 2022

Diversity and Inclusion Training for Higher Education Brochure

Prepare Your Campus Community for Successful Engagement with Diversity Our Diversity and Inclusion courses are proven to increase inclusive language, attitudes, and behaviors. Our online courses for faculty, staff, and students teach skills for everyday situations, like: Using up-to-date and…

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October 18 2022

Cybersecurity Training for Higher Education Brochure

Prevent and Manage Cyberattacks on Campus Colleges and universities house a lot of sensitive data, including financial and operational information, valuable research findings, and even medical records from student health centers or affiliated hospitals, making them easy targets for cyberattacks. …

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October 6 2022

K-12 Cybersecurity Awareness Training Brochure

Empower Employees and Elevate Your Cybersecurity Culture The need for cybersecurity awareness training in K-12 schools is higher than ever. As more and more districts adopt new technology, new risks arise that threaten school operations as well as the safety of…

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September 6 2022

Hazing Awareness and Prevention Brochure

Engage Your Entire Campus in Effective Hazing Prevention A national study of student hazing found that that 55% of college students involved in clubs, teams, and organizations experience hazing. Unfortunately, many campus members find it hard to identify hazing behaviors…

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August 16 2022

K-12 School Bus Safety Company Student Courses Brochure

Equip Students with the Knowlege They Need Most school bus-related safety incidents and fatalities involving students are preventable. An essential part to school bus safety is educating students on critical safety topics, so they remain safe traveling to and from school!…