Vector EHS Management for Higher Education


Improve campus safety with our configurable Vector EHS Platform, which empowers you to efficiently record and trend safety data, reduce risk, and ensure compliance.

Our Vector EHS Platform can help your institution increase overall safety, better manage safety data, and identify risk areas on campus that need to be addressed.

Vector EHS can help you manage the following activities: Incident Management, Claims, Hazards, Inspections, Corrective Actions, Job Safety Analysis, and more.



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Anytime Reporting

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Share Data Quickly

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Reduce Paperwork

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Automatic Delegation

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Mobile Friendly

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Versatile System

Powerful Features to Help You Increase Safety

Implement our Vector EHS Platform to increase overall safety, ensure regulatory compliance, and better identify risk areas on campus that need to be addressed.

Incident Management


  • Easily Report Incidents - Users can easily report incidents through any web-enabled device or through our mobile app, which can be quickly routed to the designated official.
  • Manage Investigations - Conduct detailed investigations and include any additional assets for review.
  • Identify Risk Areas on Campus - Analyze incident data, generate OSHA reports, and better identify risk areas on campus for leadership to address.
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  • Hazard Monitoring and Communication -  Monitor hazards on campus and quickly notify campus members of hazardous conditions through email alerts.
  • Conduct Risk Assessments - Conduct thorough risk assessments to better understand how they affect your safety program(s) and/or overall health and safety compliance.
  • Empower Your Campus to Report - Allow all campus members to report hazards using a simple web link, which can be configured and routed to the correct officials for resolution.



  • Administer Inspections - Utilize our mobile app to complete inspections on-the-go with a variety of pre-built checklists linked to detailed OSHA regulatory standards, including 29 CFR 1910 and 1926 Construction Safety.
  • Schedule and Review - Schedule recurring inspections, review audit compliance rates, and identify areas on campus with the most deficiencies.
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  • Manage and Analyze Claims - Manage claims and determine which claims and/or incident types incur the highest costs for your college or university.
  • Generate Claim Forms - Generate forms for multiple types of claims, such as state-specific first report of injury forms.

Corrective Actions


  • Designate Corrective Actions - Easily assign follow up tasks associated with safety activities and track assignments until completion
  • Build Corrective Plans - Generate plans to address hazards and safety issues identified from incidents, inspections, observations, job safety analyses, and industrial hygiene activities.
  • Better Prioritize Corrective Actions - Perform risk assessments of corrective action plans in order to help gauge the urgency of assigned tasks.
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