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An online health and safety software to effectively manage EHS data

An effective EHS system helps organizations in any industry remain highly productive in today’s competitive marketplace. Vector EHS Management connects all areas of safety into one easy-to-use platform. Manage your entire environmental health and safety program in our configurable system to save time and improve efficiency in your safety department.




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Saves Time

Easy-to-use smart forms and reports streamline reporting on safety data.

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Improves Safety

EHS software makes it easier to identify problem areas and implement improvements. 

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Easy Reporting

Custom reports and dashboards facilitate effective analysis of the safety data most important to you.

Simplify Your EHS Management

Our easy-to-use online EHS safety software enables all organizations - from global leaders to local businesses - to track, manage, and comply with environmental, health, and safety regulations.

Incident Reporting


The Incidents module allows organizations to record, track, and analyze a variety of workplace incidents including near misses, vehicle accidents, and worker injuries. Employees can use the Vector EHS Management mobile app to report incidents from their mobile device.

Streamline the incident investigation and reporting process, and, easily achieve compliance with OSHA recordkeeping requirements and other federal regulations.

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Mobile Inspections


Schedule, track and record any type of inspection in our Inspections module and mobile app. Automatic alerts remind employees to complete scheduled inspections using pre-built or custom checklists.

Easily analyze your safety inspection data to catch deficiencies and implement corrective actions before injuries occur within the safety management software.

Safety Metrics & Reports


Use the Dashboard module to see detailed safety performance indicators at a glance in real time. Track key safety metrics from the entire EHS department including total recordable incident rate (TRIR), training pass rate, and your own custom reports.

Save time calculating important safety metrics and make informed business decisions with upper management.

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Behavior Based Safety


The Observations module is used to manage behavior based safety (BBS) programs across your entire organization. Use custom BBS checklists to record counts of safe and unsafe behavior and actions in the workplace.

Empower employees to improve safety culture through observations on employees involved in safety critical behavior.

Hazard Reporting


Encourage employees to report safety hazards and complete risk assessments using the Hazards module. Use custom reports to analyze and resolve all types of safety hazards in the workplace within a robust EHS software.

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Job Safety Analysis


Improve job safety analyses to calculate the risk of any task or job. Gather feedback and sign off on JSAs from key team members.

Make it simple to identify the potential hazards associated with each step of a task and set appropriate controls to mitigate risks.

Online Employee Training


Vector EHS Management integrates with our Vector Learning Management System (LMS) and Training Solution to track, schedule, and deliver your entire safety training program. Use any of our online training content libraries or upload your own custom courses for an all-in-one training management system.

Connect your training data with safety data to identify gaps and enhance incident prevention strategies.

Online Dashboard and Course Catalog

SDS & Chemical Management


Complete your EHS program by integrating with Vector SDS & Chemical Management. Gain access to a vast online database of GHS-compliant chemical safety data sheets (SDS).

Utilize the advanced search feature to quickly locate a specific SDS within the Vector EHS Management software. Choose from thousands of pre-built sheets or upload your own.

EHS Safety Software for Your Industry


Vector EHS Management Software is built to meet the needs of some of the world's most critical industries.

Our highly-rated Customer Support team works with you to configure the software to your specific needs.


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Featured Customers


What Our Customers Say

City of Alexandria Virgina Fire Department

“I can’t address issues moving forward if I don’t know where we were in the past. You can only look at an excel spreadsheet so much to identify repeat offenders, or certain shifts [where issues occurred]. When I had the data from [Vector EHS] to show repeat offenders, we had the ability to deal with them.”

Jeffrey M.

Deputy Fire Chief of Health, Safety & Risk Management, City of Alexandria Fire Department

City of Alexandria Virgina Fire Department
Rockline logo

“A cornerstone of our world-class safety program is our attention to even minor incidents and our investigation of all potential safety issues. The data we pull from [Vector EHS's] dashboards and reports is an invaluable part of this process, and helps us make adjustments to how we work to continuously improve safety.”

Bill S.

HS&E Manager, Rockline Industries

Rockline logo
Lidl logo

"With the data we have from [Vector EHS Management], we know now that when an employee is with the company for over a year, their likeliness to be involved in an incident decreases by 77%."

Chris C.

Senior Health and Safety Manager, Lidl US

Lidl logo

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