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More than 7,000 public agencies rely on Vector Solutions to maintain operational readiness, compliance and efficiency


The Ultimate Technology for Operational Readiness

Vector Solutions provides more than 450 hours of fire department training, as well as 250 hours of accredited EMS training. This comprehensive solution makes it possible to deliver, track and report all types of training - online, custom-built, or hands-on - and satisfy training requirements for ISO reviews or any other compliance agency. With this powerful suite of software, you can also manage routine department inspections, live skill evaluations, EHS safety data, and first responder scheduling tasks with cutting-edge applications that connect to each other.

A Prepared Firefighter is a Safer, More Effective Firefighter


Streamline Continuing Education

Deliver and track fire department training, including CAPCE-accredited EMS recertification courses, as well as NFPA and OSHA titles. Test your crew's competencies with live skill assessments using Vector Evaluations+.


Track Apparatus and Inventory

Go paperless with department inspections and streamline checks of apparatus, equipment, hydrants, controlled substances, and other inventory with Vector Check It. Ensure essential resources are documented and operational.


Built for Mission Critical Industries

Vector Scheduling, formerly offered through the TargetSolutions and CrewSense brands, simplifies shift scheduling with an intelligent staffing application for daily schedules, overtime, employee callbacks, shift trades, payroll, and more.

Fire Department Solutions

Manage Your Department's Fire Training and Compliance

With Vector Solutions, you can manage every aspect of your fire department training program. Access 450 hours of online firefighter training as well, as 250 hours of accredited EMS continuing education, and video-based courses for EVO, OSHA, harassment prevention, and more. Track related training hours for each member in the department and store certificates of completion and licenses in a secure, easily accessible online location. Custom solutions also include pre-built ISO training packages for tracking and reporting Driver, Officer, Hazmat, Company and Facilities training so your department is prepared for an audit.


Evaluate Your Crew with Live Skill Assessments

Vector Evaluations+ streamlines evaluations with a customizable application for managing skill sheets and measuring competencies. With this mobile application, you can assess live skill demonstrations from the field, record an individual's performance, sign off on the evaluation via eSignatures. Then, review the assessment to identify areas of improvement or determine readiness for career growth. Integrated with Vector LMS, you can add skill sheets to task books for a comprehensive training program.

All Your Checks, One Location

Vector Check It provides paperless department inspections to easily inspect trucks, equipment, hydrants, medical supplies, drugs, and other items logged in inventory records. Create your own checklists or download one from a shared checklist library. Track out-of-service equipment as it moves through the repair process and document costs of maintenance or refuels. Additionally, the controlled substance tracking feature provides cradle-to-grave management of narcotics - including their location, usage and authorized personnel who handle them.


Workforce Management Just Got Easier with Vector

The Vector Scheduling application simplifies even the most complicated workforce management processes with configurable automation tools. Create rules for reoccurring employee schedules based on certifications, rank, etc. and automate employee recalls for open shifts via auto-generated calls, texts or emails. The application also enables employees to self-manage shift trades and time off requests according to your agency's custom rules.

Manage Claims and Prevent Hazards with Vector EHS

Vector EHS Management is a comprehensive safety management solution. Available as a web-based system and mobile application, agencies can streamline safety management from incident reporting and hazard management, to corrective actions and producing OSHA forms. With Vector EHS Management, analyzing safety data, including vital exposure tracking of COVID-19, and improving regulatory compliance is simple and effective.

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Our Powerful Solutions for Fire Departments




Vector LMS & Training

Deliver valuable online firefighter training written to the NFPA's standards, as well as your own custom content. Easily track every single hour of training and every compliance task.

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Vector Check It

Comply with DEA standards for managing controlled substances, track crucial inventory and streamline daily inspections with a secure application that ensures accuracy and accountability.

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Vector Evaluations+

Manage live skill evaluations with digital skill sheets, in-app videos, and performance assessment tools. Add skill sheets to task books in the Vector LMS for a comprehensive view.

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Vector Scheduling

Manage your crew's shift scheduling, overtime, callbacks, and payroll data with an easy-to-use workforce management system built for mission critical industries.

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What Our Customers Say

"How do I afford Vector Solutions (formerly TargetSolutions)? Well, I guess the question I pose back to you is 'how do we afford not to keep  Vector Solutions?' If you were to ask my boss, a division chief, he will tell you it's the cheapest thing we pay for."

Jake Pelk

Training Captain, Central San Mateo Fire Department (Calif.)

Oceanside Fire Department Logo

"After finding out specifically what (the ISO was) looking for, I generated a report and that was the last I heard from them. When they evaluated us on our training, we got top marks on everything because our documentation was on point."

Stuart Sprung

Fire Training Specialist, Oceanside Fire Department (Calif.)

Oceanside Fire Department Logo

"The training is quality. It's a much more efficient way of delivering the training to our personnel.…It allows us to implement (training) in a more timely fashion where we can deliver it to all our members virtually at the same time."

Dave Downey

Fire Chief, Miami-Dade Fire Rescue Department (Fla.)

"If we're going to be working together on the emergency scene, we darn well better be training together. What Vector Solutions (formerly TargetSolutions) does is it allows us to train much more effectively and much more cost-efficiently."

Rick Vogt

Deputy Chief, Escondido Fire Department (Calif.)

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The Ultimate Solution for Fire Department Training & Operational Readiness