Vector EHS Management for Local Governments

All your safety management processes are made easy with Vector EHS. Manage everything from incident reporting, to exposure tracking for COVID-19, to corrective actions, to producing OSHA forms. 

Ensure your organization stays ahead of potential safety incidents with a powerful safety tracking solution. Vector EHS streamlines all processes surrounding incident management with a web-based and mobile application to document incidents and follow up actions.




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Improve Processes

Easily link and track claims to incidents to simplify and speed up processes.

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Loss Prevention

Analyze leading indicators to prevent hazards, incidents and claim payouts.


Reduce Risk

Automate risk analysis for jobs and hazards to correct the biggest problem areas. 

Incident Reporting from Your Mobile Device

Vector EHS streamlines incident reporting with its mobile application even without an internet connection. Record incident details closer to the event and fill out more accurate reports by uploading photos and other evidence.

Link incident reports to claims to track workers' comp balances and claim diary entries for various types of claims.

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Manage Compliance with OSHA Forms

With Vector EHS, you can automatically translate your agency’s incident report to produce OSHA forms 300, 300A and 301. Using this solution, you can save time and effort transferring data and easily export OSHA logs.

Turn Incidents into Corrective Actions

Take corrective actions following an incident report to address safety concerns and prevent future risk. Vector EHS allows you to assign corrective actions such as refresher training or equipment repairs to make effective changes.

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Capture critical inspection information with ease

Vector EHS Management allows you to track, manage and analyze all your important safety data in one system, including safety inspections.

Use pre-built checklists or upload your own to track inspection findings and detail deficient items. Our mobile app allows you conduct inspections even if you are not connected to the internet.

Quickly identify problem areas with custom reports

Vector EHS Management comes with prebuilt and easy-to-create custom reports to help you analyze your safety data.

Set up dashboards to monitor the most important safety data at a glance. The software makes it easy to identify and address repeat offenders for continuous improvement.

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Featured Customers

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The City of Fargo logo

“[Vector EHS Management] makes it easy to identify recurring problems and trends, and you can track how well you’re solving those problems,”

Luke Lindberg

Safety Manager, City of Fargo

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City of Alexandria Virgina Fire Department

“I can’t address issues moving forward if I don’t know where we were in the past. You can only look at an excel spreadsheet so much to identify repeat offenders, or certain shifts [where issues occurred]. When I had the data from [Vector EHS] to show repeat offenders, we had the ability to deal with them.”

Jeffrey Merryman

Deputy Fire Chief of Health, Safety & Risk Management, City of Alexandria Fire Department

City of Alexandria Virgina Fire Department