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Whitepapers & Guides
May 30 2023

Report: The State of Mental Well-Being in Higher Education

Campus Prevention Network National Insights Report For a decade or more, students, parents, clinicians, and educators have been sounding the alarm that the mental well-being of college students is in real trouble. Many institutions of higher education have sought to…

Whitepapers & Guides
May 11 2023

Facilities Maintenance Kick-Start Smart Guide

A Learning Path for New and Current FM Employees Are you having trouble creating a learning path for your facilities maintenance organization? Do you find it challenging to identify the necessary courses that employees need, based on the roles and…

Whitepapers & Guides
April 25 2023

How Casinos Can Help Combat Human Trafficking

Download Our Latest Whitepaper with Insights from Industry Leaders Casinos and gaming entities have a responsibility to be on the lookout for and report suspicious activity. No one likes to imagine that human trafficking could ever take place in their…

Whitepapers & Guides
April 18 2023

Safety Training for Easy Compliance Guide

Safety Courses Aligned to OSHA Requirements Adhering to all the OSHA and regulatory regulations that apply to your business is a tough job. Vector Solutions' library of over 450 online safety courses is here to help. Our training is regularly…

Whitepapers & Guides
March 30 2023

Does Your Early Warning System Do These 4 Things?

When you’re selecting a tool as critical to success as an early warning system, doing your research is a must. There are the basic questions about IT specifications and cost, but the questions most often overlooked are frequently the most…

Whitepapers & Guides
March 21 2023

OSHA Reporting and Recordkeeping Requirements Guide for Higher Education

It is important that colleges and universities understand OSHA’s regulations and requirements so they can provide safe working conditions for faculty and staff. However, keeping track of these requirements, especially when it comes to reporting and recordkeeping, can be challenging.…

Whitepapers & Guides
March 20 2023

The Basics of Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) Infographic

Overall Equipment Effectiveness Infographic OEE is a metric that's the gold standard maintenance managers use to assess how well equipment is performing. Learn what factors contribute to Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), why organizations need to measure and benchmark it against…

Whitepapers & Guides
March 15 2023

The New Drug Crisis: Addressing Fentanyl on College Campuses

More than 150 people die every day from overdoses related to synthetic opioids, with substances like fentanyl contributing to what the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention call “the newest drug crisis in the United States.” Fentanyl misuse is now…

Whitepapers & Guides
March 14 2023

K-12 Student Courses: National Health Standards Alignment Guide

Support Health-Enhancing Behaviors with Vector's Student Courses The National Health Education Standards (NHES) were developed to establish, promote, and support health-enhancing behaviors for students in all grade levels. The NHES provide a framework for teachers, administrators, and policymakers in designing…