Vector Scheduling for Fire & EMS

Formerly Crewsense

Simplify your workforce management and employee resourcing with a scheduling solution developed for mission-critical industries.

Vector Scheduling simplifies the daily scheduling for multiple stations and teams.  Departments can more easily maintain overtime compliance, ensure union and labor policies are met, automate shift bidding, quickly deploy strike teams and process emergency rehires. Give your team more transparency in the hiring process and reduce grievances.



Vector Scheduling crew scheduler dashboard
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Manage Schedules On-the-Fly

Manage schedules from your mobile devices and give employees the ability to check when they work or to request a day off or shift trade anytime, anywhere

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Eliminate the Phone Tree

Don't waste valuable time communicating through a phone tree; use the app to send mass calls, texts, or push notifications to staff in seconds

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Simplify Callbacks, Deployments & More

Automate overtime hiring and reduce grievances with agency-defined, intelligent rules to assign the right staff quickly and fairly to the right shifts and assignments

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Eliminate emails and use the sign-up board and post notifications for your community outreach, employee events and more

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Reduce Administrative Time

Eliminate pen and paper reporting and save hours of administrative time with fast and easy records of leave requests, vacation accruals, overtime hours, and more

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Better Insights

Gain insight into your staff's schedules with verifiable reporting and use graphical reports to identify trends, areas of concern, and organizational needs

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for Fire & EMS Services

Scheduling & Overtime Management

Vector Scheduling gives you total control of your employee scheduling and overtime hiring needs. Fully automate the system with intelligent rules to eliminate conflicts and grievances, determine tie-breakers, place employees in multiple rotating lists, and more.

Vector Scheduling Shift Management

Adjust Schedules from Anywhere

Access Vector Scheduling at any time, from any web-enabled device or the mobile application. Make updates and watch as your fire and EMS personnel respond to shift swaps, open positions or schedule adjustments in real time.

Track Records & Payroll Hours

Track shift and staffing information with accurate logs and comprehensive reporting capabilities. Vector Scheduling allows you to automatically record details such as accrual hours, overtime shifts, payroll and more. Then, easily generate custom reports according to your agency’s analytics.


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What Our Customers Say

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"One of the greatest things about [Vector Scheduling] is it’s ever-changing. It’s always evolving and becoming better. Every month they add something. They come out with a new module or aspect of the program that really works for us and it’s changing a lot of how we fill shifts and it’s really helpful.”

Craig McVey

Engineer and Staffing Administrator, Rancho Santa Fe Fire Protection District (CA)

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Mobile (AL) Fire

“With Check It, information is quickly accessible for all users via the mobile app and the web—anytime and anywhere.”

Captain Barry Glisson

Mobile Fire-Rescue (CA)

Mobile (AL) Fire