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Develop a unique employee, staff and organizational enhancement strategy through Vector’s suite of award winning learning, performance and risk management solutions.

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"Partnering with Vector LiveSafe has significantly changed our ability to communicate and respond to incidents. Vector LiveSafe is an essential part of our emergency response plan and greatly enhances the safety and security of our fans, teams and employees."

Monumental Sports & Entertainment

Security Director
Monumental Sports & Entertainment

Powerful Performance, Learning and Risk Management Solutions



A learning and training management system with online courses tailored for employees and students.

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Vector EHS Management

Log and connect safety reports on incidents and near-misses with past training deficits and future training assignments.

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A mobile way to surface early warning insights that can prevent safety and security incidents.

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Vector Assessment

Vector Assessment is a powerful training and career pathing tool that can be added to your Vector LMS package.

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Vector Scheduling

Scheduling technology helps you manage complex shift planning, automate calls backs, and manage employee tradeboards.

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Vector Evaluations+

An employee evaluation solution that strengthens staff development and effectiveness.

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Vector Check It

Manage assets and other mission critical items with the ultimate mobile app for routine inventory checks.

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Vector SDS and Chemical Management

Enhance your safety data sheets & chemical management with our GHS-compliant system.

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Guardian Tracking

Improve organizational culture through a powerful early intervention and positive recognition solution.

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Make Safer, Smarter, Better Decisions with Performance Management Solutions

Elevate the safety and success of your organization with software solutions for training, risk, workforce management, and operational readiness.

Deploy Ready-to-Use Courses

Improve workforce performance and safety with training management libraries design for your industry. Choose from a large selection of modern, interactive, mobile-ready online courses easily deployed through the Vector Training and Learning Management System to meet your team’s learning and compliance priorities.

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