Who We Are

At Vector Solutions, we believe that how we serve our clients enables and empowers them to in turn serve others, making us greater than the sum of our parts. Our clients are the ‘everyday heroes’ of the world – the engineers who keep our buildings and infrastructure safe, the manufacturers who make the products we use every day, the firefighters who respond to emergencies, and the teachers who take care of our children. That’s why we’re more than a learning solution.

We offer industry-focused, innovative products to solve our clients’ needs, helping them improve outcomes, optimize performance and reduce risk. Our customers work in the world’s most critical sectors, including engineering and construction, industrial manufacturing, K12 and higher education, public safety and IT. They rely on us for state-of-the-art learning and performance solutions. Developed specifically to manage content that meets compliance mandates, our platform comes stocked with over 9,000 online training courses and features bolt-on applications to help with performance evaluations, incident and accident tracking, and competency assessment. And the innovation never stops. Our team members are committed to growing and evolving our product and service lines to exceed our clients’ needs and expectations — it’s why we serve those who serve.

Mission & Values

At Vector Solutions, our mission is to change the world through revolutionary technology solutions that save lives, inspire professionals and elevate performance. And our teammates are motivated by — and dedicated to — the ‘lifelong learners’ who continually strive for excellence in all they do with these shared values:


Seize opportunities with innovation, initiative and a willingness to take risks.


Be driven to excel by a passion for education and learning.


Do the right thing and build relationships based on trust.


Work together to accomplish anything.


Strive for excellence and stand by every product and service we provide.


Make every experience meaningful, memorable, and fulfilling for our customers and team.