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A powerful safety training platform with over 200 courses and assessment tools.


Industry-Leading Health, Safety & Environment Training

Vector Solutions offers best-in-class Health, Safety and Environment online training. Our Premium HSE Library features engaging instructional design, and award-winning courses based on OSHA and EPA requirements. Courses are inclusive of general best practices that address the most common hazardous situations faced at the workplace, and feature a mix of powerful 3D animations and live-action footage. Vector Solutions' Health, Safety and Environment courses are designed to help you achieve better business outcomes by increasing workers' knowledge and skill retention of critical safety procedures and processes.

Safety and Health Training & Tracking Platform

Vector LMS Makes Compliance Simple

Our customers have relied on our LMS for over a decade to track their health and safety training and make audits easy and pain-free.

  • Manage training that occurs both online and offline
  • Deliver safety and health courses online and to mobile devices
  • Import, create, and edit your own training materials
  • Track all training completions, including online, instructor-led, and field-based
  • Schedule annual and recurring assignments, including due dates, expirations, and recurrent assignments
  • Notify admins and employees of training assignments and more
  • Generate and share 60+ reports
  • Ensure compliance and improve safety

The Best Online Health & Safety eLearning Courses You Can Buy

Let's be honest, safety training is notoriously bad. Ours isn't.

  • Advanced 3D animation - we show what cameras can't capture
  • Straight to the point - no puns, no overacting, and no fake blood
  • The most modern training you can buy - no VHS tapes here
  • Available in 14 languages - fully translated, not just subtitled

Vector Solutions' Next-Generation Course Player

The new state-of-the-art course player provides learners with a consistent user experience and many advanced features. The Vector Course Player enhances employees' learning and training experience, and provides solutions for many of the challenges our customers face with mobile learning and scalable training for all teams.

  • Consistent user experience for 3,000+ Vector e-learning courses
  • All courses translated into 40+ languages
  • Courses always open in same window as LMS (no annoying second windows)
  • Courses play on any device (desktop, laptop, tablet, phone) and automatically adjust layout for optimal viewing
  • Course streaming speed automatically adjusts to spend of your Internet connection for optimal play rate
  • Clickable interactive course audio transcripts to immediately "jump" to desired section of course
  • New interactive assessment types to increase retention
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EHS Dashboard 3-min

Health & Safety Management Software Platform

An effective safety management system helps organizations in any industry remain highly productive in today's competitive marketplace. Vector EHS Management connects all areas of safety into one easy-to-use platform. Manage your entire EHS program in our configurable system to save time and improve efficiency in your safety department.

  • Hazard reporting
  • Job safety analyses
  • SDS & chemical management
  • Incident reporting
  • Mobile inspections
  • Safety metrics & reports
  • Behavior-based safety

Mobile Communications Platform


Improve organizational awareness, resilience, communication, and safety with our two-way mobile communication platform. Collect risk insights from employee-submitted tips about workplace hazards or suspicious activity; broadcast routine safety information or use mass notification system capabilities in the event of an emergency; take advantage of COVID-related features, including health screening capabilities; and more.

Contractor Orientation Image

Contractor & Visitor Orientations

Our web-based contractor training solution frees EHS Managers and other valuable personnel from delivering routine site orientations.

  • Web-based solution allows orientations to be completed off-site
  • Customize our editible course template with built-in quiz
  • Instantly generate contractor qualification reports
  • Easy to use and administer
  • One low annual rate - no per-contractor fees



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Just-in-Time Safety Training Solution

Vector Solutions' microlearning courses are derived from our industry-leading Health, Safety and Environment Premium Library, and were developed to supplement and enhance your training with courses averaging five minutes in length. Our courses are strategically designed to be utilized as in-the-moment refresher training, and to increase workers' knowledge and skill retention through easily digestible, micro-sized content modules and animated simulations.

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"[The Industrial LMS] has the full solution we need - the training, the safety, the tracking, the engagement, the support, the cost…all of those things are right there. I dare other organizations to do what [Vector Solutions] has done."

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"I'm very optimistic, very excited about the direction we're going. I think we're still just at the tip of the iceberg with what we're going to be able to do now that we have [Vector Solutions]."

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