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Stay safe and certified with industry-leading training and performance solutions

AEC Training Online

With our AEC online training, feel confident that employees are up to date with best practices, new technologies, building codes and standards, and more.

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Training Management System

Vector Solutions offers an all-in-one training and learning management system (LMS) designed to meet the needs and challenges of today's modern workforce.

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EHS Management Software

Quickly and intuitively investigate, record, and report safety incidents, hazards, near-misses, inspections, corrective actions, and more with Vector EHS Management.

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Solutions for the AEC Industry

Design and build a learning infrastructure that truly helps your employees and your firm grow. Vector Solutions doesn't just provide online training to satisfy state-mandated CEU requirements. We empower architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) firms to do more when billable time is top of mind.

Use our SaaS platforms to manage and report credentials, licenses and completions. Utilize our assessment tools to identify areas in need of study. Finally, lean on our EHS Management software to pinpoint and report incidents and trouble areas.

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Online Courses for Engineers, Architects and Contractors


With engaging, accredited training courses for engineers and other design professionals, have peace of mind that your staff is up to date not only with certifications and licenses, but with new technologies, codes, and standards.

Online course topics include: health, safety and welfare, ethics, laws and rules, LEED and sustainable design, project management, building codes and standards, ADA guidelines, fire protection, personal protective equipment and more.

Vector Solutions’ Next-Generation Course Player

The new state-of-the-art course player provides learners with a consistent user experience and many advanced features. The Vector Course Player enhances employees’ learning and training experience, and provides solutions for many of the challenges our customers face with mobile learning and scalable training for all teams.

  • Consistent user experience for 3,000+ Vector e-learning courses
  • All courses translated into 40+ languages
  • Courses always open in same window as LMS (no annoying second windows)
  • Courses play on any device (desktop, laptop, tablet, phone) and automatically adjust layout for optimal viewing
  • Course streaming speed automatically adjusts to spend of your Internet connection for optimal play rate
  • Clickable interactive course audio transcripts to immediately “jump” to desired section of course
  • New interactive assessment types to increase retention
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Training Management System


Our award-winning training and learning management system (LMS) and SaaS-based performance support solutions facilitate intuitive tracking, reporting and consuming online content.

  • Learning Management System (LMS)
  • Competency & Knowledge Assessments
  • Advanced Safety & Incident Management

Support & Accreditations


Vector Solutions' commitment to your success begins with the implementation process and continues with our dedicated Support Team. You'll be provided with access to the resources you need to ensure your training goals are met and that compliance and licensing requirements are fulfilled.

  • Implementation and Account Management
  • License  and Credential Management
  • Accreditations and Reporting to State Boards
  • Staff Utilization and Engagement
  • Technical Support
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Our solutions are organized into four product sets developed to help you focus on operational readiness, performance and safety.


Learning and Training

Our training and learning management system comes stocked with online courses for your industry and allows you to assign, track and report on training, compliance, and continuing education requirements.


Risk Management

Communicate, track and report critical incident and safety data, and streamline the claims process. Also, provide safety and security risk reporting, emergency communications, and health assessments and mitigation.


Workforce Management

Adjust and manage employee schedules and shifts with intelligent rules from any web-enabled device. Also, simplify staff evaluations and properly track the performance of your team members.


Operational Readiness

Manage mission-critical assets and streamline routine checks for vehicles, equipment, tools, and more via an easy-to-use mobile app. Also, oversee inventory, chemicals, and controlled substances during compliance.

What Our Customers Say

"Offering our program to new project managers that come on board and assigning a package for them to complete has completely elevated our project management program."

Jennifer Voreis

Manager of Training and Development, CHA Consulting

"I would say the biggest benefit [Vector Solutions] has helped us achieve is to remain on the leading edge of our industry as a firm of choice because we invest in the development of our people and practice."

Sara Rayman

Training and Development Manager, Gresham Smith

"Vector Solutions has assisted in managing the required internal and external training for our trainees to be successful in their new role. [They have] a very user-friendly platform allowing us to easily create in-house training aids, import files and create quizzes. In addition, the audit friendly matrix reporting in real time is a time saver."

Ann Canfield

Training Manager, Stelray Plastic Products, Inc.

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