Vector Check It for Law Enforcement

Formerly Halligan

The law enforcement industry’s most innovative system for streamlining routine equipment, vehicle and gear inspections and maintenance.

From weekly equipment checks to filing work orders for patrol vehicles to inventory counts, Vector Check It  makes it easy to track and report it all. Your agency can complete inspections and manage work orders from any web-enabled device to remove bottlenecks and keep everyone in the know.




Reduce Liability

Keep Everything in Working Order

At-a-glance visual of all items requiring repair, the repair costs and status and when they’re back in service.

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Document Maintenance & Repairs

Create work orders, document costs, and track the progress of an out-of- service vehicle.

Lower Risk

Ensure Accountability and Reduce Risk

Ensure equipment, vital officer gear and vehicles are serviced regularly, in compliance, and functioning properly.

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Customize to Your Needs

Access customizable checklists to create criteria and reporting based on your agency's needs.

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Easier Inventory Management

Utilize the intuitive workflow to track the status of your inventory and easily document related information such as costs, assignees and service receipts.

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Accessible and Actionable

Make it easy for your officers to do their inspections on their iOS or Android device, get actionable data in graphical reports.

Equipment and Vehicle Checks Simplified

The Ultimate Tool for Operations Management

Take the guesswork out of routine equipment inspections and operations management with the Vector Check It. Available in the same platform utilized by thousands of agencies for training and records management, the application centralizes crucial information and helps you oversee your department’s ongoing checks.

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Complete Equipment Inspections Anytime, Anywhere

With the Vector Check It app, you’re not limited to paper or desktop-based solutions for documenting equipment inspections and keeping track of inventory. Perform equipment or vehicle checks anytime, anywhere on your mobile application and receive alerts and update information in real time.

Customize Your Checklists

Build completely customized checklists for your law enforcement department to ensure important resources are accounted for. You can utilize the checklist library in Vector Check It to customize checklists according to your department’s needs or start from scratch.


Track What Matters

Visual data and detailed activity logs prevent things from falling through the cracks. Vector Check It tracks when equipment or inventory were last inspected, their locations, repair costs, expiration dates and more.

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