Vector Scheduling for Law Enforcement

Formerly Crewsense

Simplify your workforce management and employee resourcing with a scheduling solution developed for mission-critical industries.

Staffing for mission-critical workforces, like law enforcement, has become increasingly complex and scrutinized. Safeguard your leaders with decision support for proper assignments and automation tools for expediting time-consuming administrative tasks. All personnel are better informed of their shifts and assignments through their personalized dashboard in the mobile app and web platform.




Vector Scheduling crew scheduler dashboard
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Manage Schedules On-the-Fly

Manage schedules from your mobile devices and give officers the ability to check when they work or to request a day off or shift trade anytime, anywhere

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Better Insights

Gain insight into your staff's schedules with verifiable reporting and use graphical reports to identify trends, areas of concern, and organizational needs

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Simplify Callbacks & More

Simplify secondary employment, callbacks, and overtime hiring, and reduce grievances with agency-defined, intelligent rules to assign the right staff to the right assignments

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Eliminate the Phone Tree

Customize staff notifications and send mass calls, texts, and/or push notices to a team or the entire department in seconds

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Maintain a Ready & Compliant Workforce

Define limits, buffers, and rest periods to ensure compliance with union, labor, or other regulatory mandates. Use the fatigue tracker to identify personnel who may need time off 

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Reduce Administrative Time

Eliminate pen and paper reporting and save hours of administrative time with fast and easy records of leave requests, vacation accruals, overtime hours, and more

Discover Easy Shift Scheduling
for Law Enforcment

Streamline Daily Scheduling

Vector Scheduling provides a comprehensive, cloud-based system to simplify all employee scheduling tasks. Create patterns to automate routine scheduling, ensure each shift is staffed with qualified personnel and employees are present and ready to perform. Additionally, officers can access their schedules, update availability and respond to callbacks through the mobile app.

Vector Scheduling Shift Management

Automate Communication Processes

Intelligent, rules-based settings automate processes in the Vector Scheduling app. Easily perform callbacks and contact employees to fill shifts, determine schedule rotations and process vacation requests. Automation reduces human error and eliminates grievances by basing decisions on your agency’s custom qualifiers.

Track Hours for Payroll

When the time comes to export payroll reports or track employees’ hours, Vector Scheduling provides a comprehensive reporting functionality. Visual reports also offer law enforcement agencies an at-a-glance view of important staffing information such as accrued hours, overtime and more.


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What Our Customers Say

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"Maintaining overtime compliance is the key reason we got the Scheduling app; if you make a scheduling mistake, it costs money because you need to pay the right guy. The troops love being able to pull up their schedules on their phones. They can also submit their vacation time or document sick time without having to make a phone call.”

Sergeant Doug Kazensky

Longview (WA) Police Department

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