Auto Renewal for Credentials Makes Platform Management More Convenient


Easily Schedule Ongoing Credentials to Automatically Renew and Eliminate Unnecessary E-mail Alerts with New ARC Enhancement

If you are spending too much time managing your user's credentials, you are going to love our latest platform upgrade. The new Auto Renewal tool inside Credentials Manager, which is now available, makes records and information management with TargetSolutions even more efficient.

In the past, credentials that contained online safety training courses with expiration dates, needed to be manually changed to reflect new dates after being completed. This was especially time consuming for larger organizations with dozens of employee training records. This new enhancement enables credentials to be automatically renewed with just a few simple clicks on the new Credentials Options page.

Platform managers will be able to choose to have credentials automatically renew immediately after final requirements have been completed, or wait until the credential's expiration date. Once all requirements are completed, the credential sits in a "complete" status until the date of expiration, when it automatically renews. This "complete" status applies to all credentials, not just those set up to automatically renew.

"The Auto Renewal enhancement increases the platforms ability to run itself after implementation," said TargetSolutions' Product Manager Misty Pratt. "It also corrects several issues users experience with credentials and alert e-mails. While these changes are simple in concept, they represent a huge leap in the usefulness of Credentials as a whole."

Alerts can now be created to notify users and platform managers that the requirements of a credential have been completed. Additionally, once a credential's requirements have been fulfilled, administrators and users will no longer receive e-mail alerts and the credential will no longer appear in the user's schedule.

Platform users will appreciate a reduction in e-mails, as well as less clutter on their home page alerting them to credentials that have already been completed.

"These changes were some of our most commonly requested enhancements and were happy to be able to release them," Pratt said. "We're constantly striving to implement changes requested by our clients. These changes in particular are excellent for the platform and we think they will be universally appreciated."

The new Credentials Options page gives platform managers more flexibility in the viewing and editing of credentials by users, including a setting to completely hide a credential from the users schedule and a much more granular set of editing options.

"Every decision we make is meant to make the platform more user friendly," Pratt said. "We believe that's what this newest Credentials upgrade accomplishes."

If you have any questions about this new release, please don't hesitate to contact us today.

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