Coffee with Casino Essentials

Coffee with Casino Essentials

Casino Essentials hosted “Coffee with Casino Essentials” with HR professionals & executives and AML Compliance casino professionals from around the country. The properties included: Choctaw Casinos, Desert Diamond Casinos, Emerald Queen Casino, Foxwoods Casino, Navajo Nation, Ocean Casino & Resort, Parx Casino and Racing, Resorts Casino Hotel and Twin River Management Group, all of whom are in different stages of reopening planning. While talking with everyone, we realized the importance of community and sharing information during this time of uncertainty. That is why we are sharing the conversations with the industry.

The reopening concerns and considerations were vastly similar across the country. It was evident that all departments will be seeing policy and procedure updates upon reopening. All properties are using the Wynn Las Vegas Health & Sanitation Program as a guideline as they develop their own programs. Additionally, NIGC released new guidelines for tribal casinos.

Updated Staffing Requirements and Policies

  • Attendance and Appearance guidelines will be updated to adhere to CDC guidelines
  • Planning to report COVID cases and track contamination
  • Temperature check policy will be enforced. The threshold for temperature has yet to be confirmed.
  • Thermal cameras and UV devices that can detect the virus are being considered
  • Considering new policies on how temperature information will get relayed back to HR
  • Interested in virtual clock-in for staff
  • The state recommendations and business demand will drive rehiring needs as Casinos reopen in phases. Not all staff will be back to work at the reopening date.

How the Guest Experience will Change

  • Guests will also be included in the temperature check policy. There are technology options, including thermal cameras that are being considered. Additional technology options from multiple third parties are currently being vetted.
  • Government recommendations on face masks and social distancing will be considered. All guest service desks will have a plexiglass shield.
  • Multiple sanitizer hubs will be available around the properties
  • From a customer service standpoint in tribal nations, concerns for discriminations of different cultures are being addressed.
  • Concerns for maintaining the elevated client service levels that the guests have grown accustomed to.
  • Cleaning technology for chip cleaning and sanitizing the casino floor from third party vendors are being vetted.

Human Resources Concerns

  • Apps for response management to COVID – HIPAA protected systems are being reviewed
  • Rewriting policies and procedures for all departments

New COVID Related Courses/Training Content

  • Training strategy is built on the idea of no contact through 2020.
  • Looking for COVID PPE – how to properly put on/take off and wear gloves
  • Policy Acknowledgements for COVID training and related updated policies
    • Read and signs
  • Waiting for guidance from OSHA to determine how this training may change
  • Training environment will change – expect to not have training room groups and staff may have to complete training at home. A concern is how the staff will clock their hours for working at home to complete the required training and how failures will be addressed.
  • Interested in training for sanitation concerns that is accessible on mobile phones.
  • Training content on for what to do when COVID is reported.
  • Training for employees to demonstrate how to maintain top quality guest service
  • “How To” videos on what to expect upon reopening
  • Interested in video conversions for training
  • Interested in hiring a hygienic consultant to look at what has evolved to ensure less risk upon reopening
  • Considering how the training calendar will need to be updated for those that have yet to complete their requirements. Training departments are reviewing/updating the calendar every two weeks.
  • Required PPE (Hand sanitizers, gloves, etc.) were purchased prior to the closure, but the details of rotating new PPE and the guidelines associated with that have yet to be ironed out.
  • Tracking inventory needs of all required PPE and the cleaning stages is a huge concern.
  • Training for restaffing and onboarding new hires are being reevaluated.
  • Title 31 training has not be on the priority list for most properties
  • Property risk assessments will be revised to a more narrow focus as casinos are reopening in phases. Any new risks will be included and any risks that are no longer applicable will be removed.

Want to Know More?

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