Essential Change Management Training with Casino Essentials


Last week, Casino Essentials hosted the first session of the Virtual HR Summit webinar series with  Patricia Rooney, Director of Development at Parx Casino discussing the importance of Change Management at your casino.

Patty emphasized the following, and more, in her presentation. Here are the top points:

  • The Goal of Change Management –
    • Is to provide structure to inspire those that are impacted to embrace the change
    • Find ways to implements and sustain the change
    • Plan & manage the change in an integrated way
    • Provide a common language
  • How to Execute Change – 
    • Create vision for change – helps everyone understand the goal
    • Communicate the vision – Creates support and acceptance among the employees
    • Create sense of urgency – Make employees aware of the need and urgency for change
    • Create a Project Team – Manages all efforts and encourages the employees to cooperate made up from employees working in different jobs and positions
    • Remove obstacles – anything that could undermine goal
    • Create short-term wins
    • Nothing motivates more than success
    • Slow going process. Only after multiple successes have been achieved, it can be established that the change is paying off
    • Became part of culture – Behavior change 
  • Change management will be effective when:
    • Employees are communicated with, and supported through a smooth transition
    • Business proceeds smoothly, without interruption
    • Employees understand why change is necessary, what is expected of them and how the changes will impact them
    • Employees are well trained in their work and understand their relevance in the new processes, structures and systems
    • Employees understand and applies the new process

Listen to the entire presentation by downloading the recording of the special webinar presentation Change Management  to share with your network. 

In addition to the webinar presentation, Casino Essentials hosts online courses related to compliance, leadership & safety through online learning. The course lists includes a Leadership Program | Management Series with a course on Essential Change Management.

View the Casino Essentials Course List if you’re interested in other online courses we provide. Should you be looking for more information – please reach out to our National Sales Director, Orlanda Vance – [email protected]

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