Essential Training Topics to Assign During the Coronavirus


The outbreak of COVID-19 has disrupted nearly every industry, governing agency, and community in North America since the beginning of 2020. Following CDC recommendations, many counties have called for mass self-quarantining and social distancing to help slow the spread of the aggressive virus.

As these are unprecedented times for everyone, it can be a challenge to adjust to this temporary lifestyle change. To help agencies adapt, TargetSolutions is highlighting courses in its online training library that are relevant across all agencies within the public sector.

Whether you’re a city manager, human resources administrator or public safety department, these online lessons can help enforce safety and productivity best practices.

Important Human Resources and OSHA Training

During this time of uncertainty, stress and anxiety are high for many employees. Whether they’re working from home for the first time or putting themselves at risk to perform essential jobs, it’s important employees understand how to maintain their mental health.

These courses from TargetSolutions’ Human Resources and OSHA catalog offer information to help employees manage their stress, remain productive and distinguish fact from myth when it comes to the virus. Courses cover how to engage in a remote workforce, how to manage stress and how Aerosol Transmissible Diseases are spread.

Aerosol Transmissible Diseases is based on the Cal/OSHA ATD standard and covers how ATDs are transmitted, signs and symptoms of infection, workplace exposures and strategies to reduce infections.

Smart Management: Managing a Geographically Distributed Workforce addresses challenges and best practices for managing remote employees

Workplace Stress addresses one of the leading causes for reduced productivity in the workplace and highlights causes and potential solutions for a more positive stress outlook.

Cybersecurity Awareness for Agencies and Employees

Cybersecurity has been a major concern during the pandemic as entire offices are moving to a remote working environment. Due to this, cybercriminals are ready to take advantage of unprepared agencies and new remote employees.

To protect your organization, TargetSolutions’ cybersecurity awareness training highlights trending cyberattacks, different types of cybersecurity insurance and end-user best practices. Courses in this catalog are written for both business leaders and their employees.

Cybersecurity Awareness for Employees: Classifying and Safeguarding Data for Corporate and Personal Use discusses the importance of securing data and the main types of classifications for doing so.

Cybersecurity Awareness for Employees: End-User Best Practices covers the importance of administrative rights, defines the types of attacks against privacy and recommends ways to protect against malwares and viruses.

Cybersecurity Awareness for Business Leaders: Incident Preparedness and Management Planning identifies best practices for mitigating incidents, different types of cyber security insurance and how to prepare teams in case crisis does occur.

Cybersecurity Awareness for Business Leaders: Safeguarding Against Social Engineering Attacks addresses social engineering techniques and how hackers can use business and personal information to craft targeted attacks.

Vector Cares: Protection Against COVID-19

To help the general public, Vector Solutions created a complimentary COVID-19 awareness training series through its philanthropic program, Vector Cares. These courses are available on YouTube as well as the TargetSolutions platform.

Video-based microlessons are up to 10 minutes and provide valuable, relevant information for individuals during the coronavirus pandemic. Complimentary courses are available now and are broken down accordingly:

Coronavirus 101 – What You Need to Know

Coronavirus 102 – Preparing Your Household

Coronavirus 103 – Managing Stress and Anxiety

Coronavirus 104 – Transitioning to a Remote Workforce

Coronavirus 105 – Cleaning and Disinfecting Common Spaces

Access this series through the Vector Cares website or your agency’s TargetSolutions platform.

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