TargetSolutions Honors Our Fallen Firefighters

TargetSolutions considers itself extremely fortunate to serve the heroes who do so much for our communities. Emergency responders show their courage, selflessness and valor every single day.

That’s why everyone at TargetSolutions was so devastated by the recent events in Arizona, as well as California. The heartbreaking Yarnell Fire took the lives of 19 members of the elite Granite Mountain Hotshots firefighting crew. This tragedy has left everyone connected to the fire service in sadness. Also, last week here in Southern California, a CAL FIRE firefighter, Christopher Douglas, was fatally injured after being struck by a passing car while answering an emergency on a local highway.

TargetSolutions would like to take this opportunity to send our most sincere condolences to the friends, families and members of the fire service who were so deeply impacted by these terrible tragedies.

Please help us in supporting the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation by providing a monetary donation to assist the survivors and coworkers of the heroes who have died in the line of duty.

So far this year, there have been 66 firefighter fatalities. Our prayers are with all of them. If you would like more information on the firefighters lost in the line of duty, please visit the U.S. Fire Administration’s website.

>> Jonathan W. Burgess, South Alabama Regional Airport Fire Department
>> Matthew J. Porcari , Owego Fire Department
>> Gregory Pickard, Bryan Fire Department
>> Eric Wallace, Bryan Fire Department
>> Claudia Sokol, Diligence Fire Company No.1
>> David Schnepp, Carter’s Valley Fire Department
>> Nate Fruin, Mattawan Fire District
>> Scott Morrison, Knotts Island Volunteer Fire Department
>> Christopher Brown, Hudson Community Fire Protection District
>> Donald Mize, League City Volunteer Fire Department
>> Lonnie Nutt, Marietta Fire Department
>> George A. Turner, Jr., Jericho Fire Department
>> Michael L. Broz, Dorchester County Fire Rescue
>> Jeffrey Scheuerer, New Jersey Forest Fire Service
>> Michael R. Goodwin, Sr., Philadelphia Fire Department
>> John M. Janos, City of Binghamton Bureau of Fire
>> Harold Hollingsworth, Fort Osage Fire Protection District
>> James B. Clark, Bedford Fire Department
>> Lawrence A. Stone, West Union Community Fire Protection District
>> Morris Bridges, West Volunteer Fire Department
>> Cody Dragoo, West Volunteer Fire Department
>> Joseph Pustejousky, West Volunteer Fire Department
>> Douglas Snokhous, West Volunteer Fire Department
>> Robert Snokhous, West Volunteer Fire Department
>> Rodney P. Miller, Loganville Fire Company
>> Dale S. Queen, Oak Ridge Volunteer Fire Department
>> Gene Kirchner, Baltimore County Fire Department – Reisterstown Volunteer Fire Company
>> Daniel Davidson, Sacramento Ranger District of the Lincoln National Forest
>> Stanley Martin Jr., Springfield Volunteer Fire Department
>> Brian Woehlke, Westland Fire Department
>> Albert A. Nejmeh, Tacoma Fire Department
>> Brad Harper, Phoenix Fire Department
>> Stanley A. Wilson, Dallas Fire-Rescue Department
>> Robert Bebee, Houston Fire Department
>> Robert Garner, Houston Fire Department
>> Matthew Renaud, Houston Fire Department
>> Anne Sullivan, Houston Fire Department
>> Luke Sheehy, U.S. Forest Service Pacific Southwest Region
>> Tony Barker, Mountain View Volunteer Fire Department
>> Edward C. Vanner, Jr., 143d Fire & Emergency Services, Quonset ANG Base R.I.
>> Thomas Burley, Youngstown Volunteer Fire Company
>> Katrina Sims, Atlanta Fire Rescue Department
>> John T. Appleton, Malden Volunteer Fire Department
>> Andrew Ashcraft, Prescott Fire Department
>> Robert Caldwell, Prescott Fire Department
>> Travis Carter, Prescott Fire Department
>> Dustin Deford, Prescott Fire Department
>> Christopher MacKenzie, Prescott Fire Department
>> Eric Marsh, Prescott Fire Department
>> Grant McKee, Prescott Fire Department
>> Sean Misner, Prescott Fire Department
>> Scott Norris, Prescott Fire Department
>> Wade Parker, Prescott Fire Department
>> John Percin, Prescott Fire Department
>> Anthony Rose, Prescott Fire Department
>> Jesse Steed, Prescott Fire Department
>> Joe Thurston, Prescott Fire Department
>> Travis Turbyfill, Prescott Fire Department
>> William Warneke, Prescott Fire Department
>> Clayton Whitted, Prescott Fire Department
>> Kevin Woyjeck, Prescott Fire Department
>> Garret Zuppiger, Prescott Fire Department
>> Christopher Douglas, CAL FIRE / Riverside County Fire Department
>> Mickey Yates, Greenfield Volunteer Fire Department
>> John Austin, City of Quincy Fire Department
>> Dennis Long, Idaho Department of Lands – Maggie Creek Forest Protective District

The National Fallen Firefighters Foundation is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. If you would like more information, please click here.

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