TargetSolutions’ Sexual Harassment Courses Increase Awareness, Reduce Overall Liability


There are reportedly more than 11,000 charges of sexual harassment each year. The impact of these claims can be devastating, not just on the victim, but on lost work time and legal damages.

In fact, the U.S. Department of Labor estimates more than $1 billion is lost each year due to sexual harassment. For public entities, these incidents can be crippling.

That’s why TargetSolutions is a must-have risk management tool. Sexual harassment courses are built to help prevent costly incidents from ever happening. TargetSolutions offers more than 1,000 online training courses, including Sexual Harassment Awareness, Sexual Harassment for Supervisors and California AB 1825.

Organizations that are required by law to have all supervisors complete a two-hour sexual harassment course every two years can satisfy that requirement through TargetSolutions. In fact, as of July 2013, these sexual harassment courses have been taken more than 80,000 times by our clients.

Your organization can combine training with TargetSolutions’ pre-built Sexual Harassment Policy, which can be delivered electronically, requiring an e-signature and then tracked for recordkeeping purposes. With TargetSolutions, you’re able to ensure everyone in your organization understands the ramifications of sexual harassment.

If you have any questions about incorporating TargetSolutions’ Sexual Harassment Solution into your training program, please contact us today at (800) 840-8048.

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