TargetSolutions Makes Enhancements to My Credentials’ User Interface


The Manage Credentials application inside TargetSolutions’ online training management system is known for helping platform managers track training. Recent upgrades make it even better for users, as well.

The View Credentials page inside My Credentials has always been where users go to determine what training items are still available and required inside a Credential’s various categories. That user-experience just became even better.

TargetSolutions has taken steps to make it easier for users to gauge their own progress inside of a Credential. Major improvements to the Credential Detail page’s interface provide users with a better scorecard and graphical representation of what training remains incomplete.

“It’s easier now for users to see how many hours are applying and to which topics,” said Product Manager Misty Pratt. “All it takes is a quick glance for a user to determine their own status and what percentage is completed. The page is more organized, easier to understand, and best of all, requires less math to determine remaining hours needed in a certain training topic. That’s something everyone will appreciate.”

Platform managers can now trust that users are being given clear information as to what training courses inside a Credential can be taken for credit in any training topic.

The application features a search bar to instantly find specific areas of training inside a Credential. It also makes it possible to filter “All” assignments, “Completed” assignments, and “Training That Applies.”

“Manage Credentials is an incredibly powerful application that helps agencies bundle training and compliance tasks together in a comprehensive way. Now, users will have a better experience navigating their way through the Credential Detail Page.”

Misty Pratt, Product Manager

In addition to upgrading the Credential Detail Page interface, Administrators and some Supervisors may notice the new Record Completions menu selection at the bottom of the left navigation bar on the home page. This is a quick link to the Record Completions application. It has been made available to Administrators and to any Supervisor with access to the Record Completions application.

To learn more about enhancements to the Credentials application, please visit our Help Section.

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