Updated Training Course: EMS Obstetrical Emergencies Basic

TargetSolutions has updated its EMS Obstetrical Emergencies Basic Training Course with dynamic interactions and new audio. The 13 lessons have a new look and feel, making the online EMS continuing education training course more engaging.

Gynecological and obstetrical emergencies can be unique and stressful for everyone involved. Although childbirth is a natural process, problems can occur and treatment is complicated because of the presence of two patients, instead of just one.

TargetSolutions’ EMS Obstetrical Emergencies Basic course, which has been updated to include more interactive elements and audio throughout, focuses on the importance of EMTs being able to promptly recognize the signs of common gynecological and obstetrical emergencies, so they can provide proper care and rapid transport.

Predelivery emergencies such as miscarriage, trauma, and vaginal bleeding can be emotional experiences for the patient. The comfort and support EMTs provide can help keep them calm. This 13-lesson course reminds users to always respect their patient’s modesty and privacy, and always maintain professional behavior.

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