Training Completion Tracking Made Easy


Analytics are powerful tools that when used correctly, can help any organization ensure compliance identify trends, and provide actionable feedback for executive leadership. With CELEXA, Casino Essentials’ Learning Management System, executive leadership and administrators alike can quickly access Report Analytics with just the click of a button. The colorful charts and graphs provide a simple, yet effective, overview of various training metrics at a property, department, and employee level.

With the Reports Analytics Dashboard, users can view metrics updated in real-time on the training progress of the organization. The intuitive nature of the dashboard makes it user friendly to run reports regardless of your technical skill level. Users can also drill down into the data by customizing the reporting options displayed on the dashboard. These reports can also be downloaded as PDFs to be sent to other individuals across an organization.

Different Ways to Track Training

Report Analytics has a full suite of reporting options available to users: Employee Statistics, Training Status by Property, Training Status by Department, and lastly, Training Status by Enrollments Cycles.

  • Employee Statistics provides a visual overview of how many employees are currently Active and Inactive in the learning system. This information can also be broken down by Property and Department.
  • Training Status by Property displays a detailed summary of course progress, such as how many users have completed a particular course at any given property.
  • Training Status by Department shows course status at a departmental level, such as how many employees in Administration have completed certain courses.
  • Training Status by Enrollment Cycles views training within certain time periods, such as how many enrollments were completed or are in progress for a given fiscal year.


How Customization Helps You

  • Leadership has access to their own analytics dashboard to quickly view which employees, departments, or properties have outstanding trainings.
  • The ability to remove any unnecessary information and customize charts to only display certain data sets greatly reduces the amount of time spent searching for data in the learning system.
  • Once configured, the customized reports can be saved to the user’s dashboard, allowing for quick and easy access in the future.
  • Custom reports can be downloaded as PDFs for offline viewing.

Why Analytics are Important

Accurate reporting of training data is imperative to the sustained success of any business. With CELEXA, executive management can see a visual representation of training status across the entire business. This reporting functionality helps to identify the strengths of the business, along with any areas for improvement and any potential trends that may arise over time.

Casino Essentials’ Learning Management System, CELEXA Video Demonstration

Watch this webinar to learn how Casino Essentials’ learning management system streamlines training and compliance. With Casino Essentials, you can deliver, track and report all types of Title 31 and AML compliance training. Investing in e-Learning could be one of the best investments you make for your organization!

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