Managing EMS Recertification and ISO Training for 1,400+ Firefighters

Managing EMS Recertification and ISO Training for 1,400+ Firefighters

Keeping up EMS certifications and ISO training requirements can be challenging for any fire and EMS department. Jacksonville Fire and Rescue Department (JFRD), with 1,400+ firefighters spread across 65 stations, overcomes these challenges by leveraging Vector Solutions' online training management platform, Vector LMS. Vector LMS helps JFRD deliver, track, and report on all EMS recertification and ISO training to help keep firefighters and the department compliant.

Providing fire protection and emergency medical services for the 1,000,000+ population of Jacksonville and unincorporated areas of Duval County, along with mutual aid to surrounding counties in Florida, keeps JFRD busy. The department also runs four specialty Divisions: ARFF, Marine, HAZMAT, and USAR, to provide the community with a broader range of protection. District Chief William Coyle, who has been with JFRD for 14 years and is primarily responsible for ISO training, knows how critical it is to keep track of essential training when there are so many moving parts.

Scalable Training Platform Fits Evolving Needs

Since implementing Vector LMS in 2003, JFRD continues to expand and evolve its use of the training platform to meet its changing needs. "We get a lot of benefit out of [Vector Solutions]," Chief Coyle shared. "While we've had the platform for a while, we find ourselves using it more and more over time."

Firefighting training content JFRD finds value in the platform beyond training. From tracking driver's license expirations to distributing digital manuals and SOPs, JFRD uses Vector LMS to help maintain compliance and ensure members stay up-to-date on all official communications, like instructional and informational bulletins from the Division Chiefs. Chief Coyle shared how they confirm who has reviewed important communications by delivering documents as assignments that require electronically captured confirmation from the firefighters. Chief Coyle and other platform Admins can then easily run reports to see who has and has not acknowledged assigned communications.

Chief Coyle emphasized the valuable insights he has using the platform's dynamic reporting capabilities, saying, "If I want to know if someone has completed an assignment, I can just run a report. I can search the whole department, specific people, and even categories."

Meeting EMS Recertification and ISO Training Requirements

When it comes to ensuring JFRD's 1,400+ firefighters, including a mix of basic and advanced EMTs and Paramedics, maintain their EMS certifications, Vector LMS takes some of the pressure off by providing anytime, any device access to 250+ CAPCE-accredited continuing education hours. Jacksonville Fire and Rescue Department can be confident that their members are getting quality, reportable EMS training that fits their skillset and recertification requirements with the help of Vector LMS.

Firefighter with hose at hydrant JFRD also uses ready-made NFPA, Fleet, and other courses from the Vector LMS firefighter course catalog along with custom activities and tests to meet ISO training benchmarks. "For ISO, [Vector Solutions] is very helpful." Chief Coyle stated. "It has become their digital training recordkeeper. We don't have to collect logbooks at the stations or hope people write down all the objectives they covered. The platform makes it easy to record your training and check the applicable pre-written training objectives. It's easy to present that information to our evaluators because what they're looking for is right there in the report. It's super helpful for ISO."

Quality, Convenience, and Accuracy Saves Time and Effort

Chief Coyle remarked on the time and effort his department saves by employing Vector LMS to help manage its EMS and ISO training.

"With content that's been vetted by Vector Solutions, it's a lot more convenient and less of a burden on our instructors because we know it is good quality and they can simply assign training and know that people are getting what they need."

District Chief William Coyle

With such a large spread-out and busy department, leveraging a digital classroom experience to supplement certain training lessons and activities helps Jacksonville Fire and Rescue Department run more efficiently. And with the ability to pre-build activities with selectable objectives, firefighters save time and effort completing freeform fields, and the department improves their reporting accuracy and standardization.

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