Safety Case Study Courses from Vector Solutions

Safety Case Study Courses from Vector Solutions

With typical compliance training, topics aren’t usually emotionally centered, making it harder for workers to engage with the material and get the full benefit. Employees typically memorize the guidelines, but the information usually fades over time, especially if they don’t have to apply the policies on a daily basis. 

Our safety case study courses are derived from our industry-leading Health, Safety and Environment Premium Library, and were developed to supplement and enhance your training with courses averaging five minutes in length. Based on real situations, these courses demonstrate how failure to comply with safety procedures can have devastating outcomes. Rather than focusing on standard instruction on how to comply with safety measures, these courses go a step further to ensure the learner is gaining knowledge on how these measures offer protection and security for them and their co-workers to further emphasize the importance of maintaining a safe working environment.   

Telly Award-Winning Safety Case Study 

This year marks the first time Vector has won an award in the “Gold” category in the 44th Annual Telly Awards for our Safety Case Study: Properly Securing a Cylindrical Load. Transporting cylindrical loads has specific safety procedures because those loads can easily roll off of the truck deck. Following these procedures is essential for the safety of everyone at the job site.

In this scenario, learners discover what can happen when these safety measures are not done properly:

Safety Case Study Courses

These courses explore how these measures offer critical protection and security for employees and their co-workers on job sites to help drive home the importance of workplace safety in an emotionally impactful way:

Cranes & Rigging 

Driving Safety 

Equipment Safety 

Fall Safety & Working at Heights 


First Aid

Hazardous Materials

Lockout and Energy Control

Improve Outcomes and Prioritize Safety with Vector Solutions

When employees have the ability to quickly pull up a short, 5-minute refresher course and fully grasp the impact that adhering to safety has on helping themselves and their team members return home safely at the end of a shift, organizations achieve better training outcomes and a safer workplace. Contact us today to learn more about how our customers are improving safety and better protecting their teams with our award-winning health and safety microlearning courses.

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