On-Demand Webinar

Accompanying Online Training with Live Skill Assessments


Learn How to Support Your Online Training and Oversee Your Crew's Competencies with Vector Evaluations+


Your firefighters have completed online training covering important and needed skills, but will they be able to perform these effectively when the call comes in?

Firefighters must train extensively to master all the critical skills required of them. By following online training with live skill evaluations, you can measure proficiency and achieve deeper insight into personnel competencies to improve safety and produce better outcomes for the communities you serve.

Watch this webinar video to learn how Vector Evaluations+, a powerful add-on mobile application integrated with Vector LMS, enables you to record live videos of training exercises, assess performance, and track skill sheets showing proof of competency to support professional development and ensure compliance in one application.

During the presentation, we illustrate how to:

  • Identify ways to accompany your current training program with a comprehensive evaluation process
  • Digitize delivery and tracking of live skill evaluations to improve documentation and transparency
  • Leverage pre-made or customizable digital skill sheets to measure proficiency and identify areas of success and improvement
  • Review documented training data to create live skill benchmarks within your department


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