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Empower and protect your organization with the leading mobile platform for safety communications, risk intelligence, and incident prevention.

Vector LiveSafe is the leading mobile platform for two-way safety and security risk communications, emergency notifications, and COVID-19 health assessments and mitigation.

Whether it's physical safety and security threats, mental health concerns, sexual harassment and assault incidents, or COVID-19 health risks, the LiveSafe Platform provides all of the necessary tools to keep your organization informed and safe.



LiveSafe dashboard and mobile app (rebrand)
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Security Collaboration

Enable security leaders to share information over a private and secure network.

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AI-Powered Analytics

Leverage community-sourced risk intelligence to identify emerging threats, address patterns, and improve prevention strategy.

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Real-Time Data

Gather instant insights using two-way safety and security communications between security teams and users.

Surface Actionable Risk Intelligence

The Vector LiveSafe Platform offers the most advanced safety and security platform and essential communications capabilities on the market.

The Vector LiveSafe Platform


  • Prescriptive guidance, and anonymous submission features remove the barriers to reporting.
  • Intelligent routing automatically directs tips to the correct point of contact.
  • Geofence Broadcast messages allow emergency communications to specifically target users based on geographic location.
  • Check-In functionality facilitates immediate employee response to Broadcast notifications.
  • The customizable Safety Map layers company-specific security and logistical locations (security offices, health centers, etc.) onto a map.
  • Local and organization-specific policies and guidance uploaded to Resources makes safety & security materials accessible even without internet connectivity.
  • SafeWalk allows employees to invite up to three people to virtually accompany them to their destination.
  • One-touch Emergency Options connects employees to local security or 911.
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Return to Work During COVID-19 With WorkSafe


Safely reopening workplaces and educational institutions requires mobile health screening capabilities, reliable and effective two-way safety communications, and easily accessible resources that can be regularly updated in response to changing health conditions, guidance, and regulations.

Built on LiveSafe's industry-leading risk intelligence and safety communications platform, WorkSafe enables organizations to detect potential infections, prevent outbreaks, and reduce legal liability, while maintaining the privacy and security of employee health information.

Your Safety App Your Way


Our self-service home screen empowers you to quickly and easily customize your organization's LiveSafe  app. You can add, remove, reorder, or correct feature cards using a simple drag-and-drop interface.

Once updates are made, they can be instantly deployed to users. These efficient, real-time changes enable admins to use the home screen for critical communications during fast-moving events.


Chatbot Tip Submit


Take the guesswork out of submitting risk and threat information.

LiveSafe's Natural Language Processing algorithm can guide your users through the tip submission process.

  1. User Enters Their Tip: The user can enter up to 2000 characters of text, including emoji! They can add as many images and videos as they want, either by attaching them from their device gallery or taking them anew.
  2. Chatbot Interprets: The user’s initial message is sent through the Classifier, our Natural Language Processing (NLP) algorithm. The Classifier then determines what risk categories to present the user, and displays three to six, in descending order of confidence.
  3. Chatbot Confirms & Routes: Chatbot confirms the label choices, and presents the user with all their info for final review before routing the tip to the correct place for help.


LiveSafe Connect


Real-time, secure, and private collaboration for safety & security professionals

LiveSafe Connect, an intuitive collaboration platform, enables safety and security first responders and other security leaders to share insights and knowledge about local and industry activity with a customizable group of hand-selected peers, or "circle of trust."

Extending the circles of trust within geographies, industries or affiliations, generates a force multiplier to expand risk intelligence at scale for Connect community members.

LiveSafe Insights

LiveSafe Insights


AI-powered analytics to detect emerging risk trends and improve your prevention strategy

LiveSafe Insights helps the world’s premier institutions intelligently source and analyze all aspects of its LiveSafe deployment and construct a unique risk profile to surface actionable trends and early warning indicators.

LiveSafe Insights delivers the intelligence you need to better leverage community-sourced threat detection to solve your most daunting safety challenges.

Keep Your Employees Safe and Informed with LiveSafe Alert


Our emergency notification system and mass communications platform makes it easy for organizations to communicate with their employees about both routine and emergency incidents to build a safer, more informed workplace.

Whether it's weather advisories, policy updates, shift changes, crime alerts, or anything in between, Vector LiveSafe Alert allows you to easily deliver the right message at the right time.

livesafe alert

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What Our Customers Say

"[Vector] LiveSafe really saved us in D.C during the inauguration. We were getting so many tips that we were able to deploy our security officers to the next area where the protesters would be. We’re one of the few companies in all of D.C. that experienced zero property damage that day. The only reason our buildings weren’t damaged is because we got out ahead of the issues."

LaNile Dalcour

Director of Security, U.S. Office Division, Brookfield Properties

"Partnering with [Vector] LiveSafe has significantly changed our ability to communicate and respond to incidents. [Vector] LiveSafe is an essential part of our emergency response plan and greatly enhances the safety and security of our fans, teams and employees."

Security Director

Monumental Sports & Entertainment

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