Guide to Online AEC Training & Continuing Ed.

Guide to Online AEC Training & Continuing Ed.

In this guide, we've provided TONS of information to help you select and use online tools for job training and continuing education in the Architecture, Engineering & Construction (AEC) industries. Download it now and let us know if you have more questions!

Topics covered include:

1. Just what is online training? A breakdown and explanation of online learning activities, learning management systems (LMS), knowledge and skill assessment tools, mobile learning, and newer, disruptive learning technologies (AR, VR, etc.).
2. Organizational learning and the role played by formal assigned job training and continuing education.
3. The benefits of blended learning and some blended learning strategies.
4. General, overall benefits of training programs.
5. More specific benefits of online training, learning, and continuing education programs.
6. Tips for building your online learning selection team at work.
7. Beginning your selection process.
8. Selection criteria for online learning courses, learning management systems, and online learning providers/partners.

Enjoy the guide, check out our solutions for online training and continuing education in the AEC industries, and have a great day!

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