Skill Demonstration Evaluation for EMS & Firefighters

Formerly TeachPoint

Utilize one powerful solution to test your crew’s competencies, track digital skill sheets and assess job performance.

When you equip your EMS and firefighter teams with the mobile Vector Evaluations+ app, you make it easier for them to record and document live skill training as well as improve skill proficiency. As an essential component of your training program, live skill assessments are better documented to help identify where improvements are needed along with better record of your staff’s skill proficiency.




Better Skill Mastery

Trainees better comprehend their performance and areas needed for adjustment with live video capture of their practice and testing performances.

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Better Data to Analyze Compentencies

Eliminate your paper skill sheets and get a comprehensive picture of all employee competencies (drill yard, classroom, online) in one place for better analysis and decisions.


More Training Time

Instructors spend less time on the administrative tasks with an easy-to-use app that enables scoring, file uploads and seamless LMS integration from their mobile device.

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Easy to Set-up & Easy to Use

Access a library of pre-built skill sheets or create your own with a variety of categories and answer options. Whether a digital native or digital captive, your entire staff will find the app easy to understand and navigate.

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Better Documentation and Liability Safeguards

Good documentation that provides better insight into staff competencies can be a safety net for employees and agencies.

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Improve Instructor & Trainee Alignment

Ensure your trainees on are the same page as the instructors with multiple electronic signatures to confirm both the trainee and instructor have signed off to confirm a competency.

Add Evaluations+ to Your LMS to Supercharge Your Training

Add your staff skill sheets and skill assessment videos in Vector’s integrated Learning Management System (LMS) task books for an end-to-end training and credential program.

Improve Training with Skill Demos

A digital log of your department’s skill evaluations simplifies your reporting processes. In addition to being able to prove firefighter and EMS individuals’ abilities, accessible skill sheets and videos allow members to become more self-aware of areas for improvement.

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Reduce Liability & Reinforce Knowledge

Thorough documentation safeguards liability with proof individuals have been properly trained. Completed skill sheets are recorded in related task books in Vector LMS for end-to-end training.

Determine Readiness for Growth

Advanced analysis tools allow department decisionmakers to assess an employee’s performance and utilize detailed results to determine readiness for career advancement.

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What Our Customers Say

Miami Dade Fire Rescue Safety Department crest

The training is quality. It’s a much more efficient way of delivering the training to our personnel.…It allows us to implement (training) in a more timely fashion where we can deliver it to all our members virtually at the same time.

Dave Downey, Fire Chief

Miami-Dade Fire Rescue Department (FL)

Miami Dade Fire Rescue Safety Department crest
Cinnaminson Fire Department logo

Skeptics are afraid that online training is trying to take the place of practical training. However, it actually enhances our training program and allows more free time for hands-on training activities.

Philip Drangula, Lieutenant in Training & Special Operations

Cinnaminson Fire Department (NJ)

Cinnaminson Fire Department logo
Escondido Fire Department crest

If we’re going to be working together on the emergency scene, we darn well better be training together. What Vector LMS (formerly TargetSolutions) does is it allows us to train much more effectively and much more cost-efficiently.

Rick Vogt, Deputy Chief

Escondido Fire Department (CA)

Escondido Fire Department crest
Hanover EMS logo

What you’re able to do with Vector LMS (formerly TargetSolutions) for documenting training is light years ahead of what’s needed for the minimum for (NFPA) 1401. With Vector LMS, we’re able to capture all of the training we are doing at the user level.

Eddie Buchanan

Hanover Fire & EMS (VA)

Hanover EMS logo