EHS Incident
Management Software

Safety incident software to record, track, manage, and report a variety of workplace safety incidents.

EHS Incident Reporting Software Features

Our safety incident software streamlines the incident investigation and reporting process, as well as achieving compliance with Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) recordkeeping requirements and other federal regulations.

Safety incident mobile app for reporting and management

The Vector EHS Management mobile app makes it easier than ever to report any workplace safety incident on the go. Decide which fields appear on the mobile app for a detailed investigation report or a simple form.

The mobile app allows you to record EHS accident data without an internet connection. Once a connection is established, you can upload the data to the safety incident software for further analysis and reporting.

The incidents mobile app is available for iOS or Android smartphones and tablets.

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Report incidents with configurable safety forms

Vector EHS Management’s highly configurable forms allow you to track any type of safety incident, including near misses, injuries, and vehicle accidents.

Add custom fields to pre-built forms to track the EHS incident data most important to your organization.

Dig deeper into your safety incident data with the robust report scheduling tool. Set up automatic reports to be sent out on a regular basis to provide stakeholders with an overview of your health and safety program.

Record & monitor employee exposure incidents, including COVID-19

Our support team worked with clients to configure Vector EHS Management to track coronavirus (COVID-19) exposures and cases.

Our clients have been able to monitor the conditions of employee exposed to COVID-19 as they develop with real-time reporting. Reports can be used to identify employees with the greatest risk of exposure and link corrective actions completed in response to exposure incidents.

Organizations can also track information related to positive cases while maintaining HIPPA compliance. Document important HR information such as missed days due to quarantine or medical treatment received.

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Generate OSHA recordkeeping logs 301, 300, and 300A

Our EHS incident software will automatically determine if a workplace incident is OSHA reportable or recordable.

Create regulatory reports including OSHA 300, 300A, and 301 logs with a click of a button for easy regulatory compliance. This includes complying with OSHA’s final rule “Improve Tracking of Workplace Injuries and Illness”.

Calculate and compare your organization’s incident rates in real time, including the Days Away Restricted Transfer (DART) and Total Recordable Incident Rate (TRIR), also known as the OSHA Recordable Rate.

Have questions about OSHA Recordkeeping? Download our "Ultimate Guide to OSHA Recordkeeping" for free!

Conduct detailed safety incident investigations

Our safety incident management software will assist with the entire incident investigation process. Automatic email alerts ensure key party members across your organization are notified of new EHS incidents, the progression of incident investigations, and status of corrective actions.

Use our e-signature tool so that multiple investigators, witnesses, and other involved parties can sign off on completed incident reports.

Better understand the causes of incidents with custom reports to analyze incident trends and perform root cause analysis. Then link and track corrective actions to prevent future incidents.

Get some assistance on how to investigate incidents with our free downloadable guide.

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Manage incidents that involve equipment & other assets

Our EHS incident management software links your organization’s assets to safety incident forms to track the safety performance of a specific vehicle, equipment, or asset.

You can easily determine which assets have recently been involved in an incident using Vector EHS Management’s robust reporting tools.

Attach photos of involved assets to EHS incident records using your smartphone or tablet camera with the incident mobile app, or through your desktop computer.

Create DOT Vehicle Accident Reports

Our incident management software has the ability to flag vehicle accidents as recordable for the Department of Transportation (DOT). During the incident investigation where a vehicle is involved, certain questions will appear to automatically determine if the incident is DOT recordable.

You can then create a DOT Vehicle Accident Register using your incident report. These reports can also help you identify drivers in need of re-training and accident-prone vehicles.

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Let all of your stakeholders report safety incidents

The Incident Public Web Form is offered as a complementary add-on to our safety incident tracking software. This public form allows all of your stakeholders to anonymously report safety incidents via a simple web link without a username or password.

Choose which fields display on the public form to make data collection simple or more comprehensive. All safety incident data is sent to the Vector EHS Management incident software for more in-depth follow up and analysis by key team members.

Featured Customers

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What Our Customers Say

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"We are very excited about the product and certain that it will help us on our quest to achieve zero injuries at OPPD."

Traci S.

Supervisor Safety Analytics & Administrative Support, Omaha Public Power District

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With the data we have from [Vector EHS Management], we know now that when an employee is with the company for over a year, their likeliness to be involved in an incident decreases by 77%.

Chris C.

Senior Health and Safety Manager, Lidl US

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"[Vector EHS Management] provides an improved tracking and reporting mechanism for organized recordkeeping and trending analysis."

Dave Hunter

Director of Accident Prevention & Investigations, SEPTA

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