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August 3, 2023

Reducing the Impact of Cancer and Cardiovascular Disease in the Fire Service


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On-Demand Webinar

Reducing the Impact of Cancer and Cardiovascular Disease in the Fire Service


An Engaging Panel Discussion on Cancer and Cardiovascular Disease and How to Identify, Prevent, and Manage


Cancer and cardiovascular disease are two of the biggest health risks firefighters face as part of the profession. However, there are strategies and resources that can help reduce risk, enhance survival, and support firefighters.

Download this special webinar video as Chief Todd LeDuc (Ret.), Chief Strategy Officer for Life Scan Wellness Centers, and Lisa Young, Senior Director of Communications & Engagement with DetecTogether, discuss the prevalence of these health risks and the latest research, best practices for prevention, managing overall health, and the importance of early detection in annual physicals.


Chief Todd LeDuc, (Ret.), MS, CFO, FIFirE

Retired after 30 years with the rank of executive assistant fire chief of Broward County (Fla.) Fire Rescue. He now serves as the Chief Strategy Officer for Life Scan Wellness Centers, the Nation’s largest provider of comprehensive annual physicals. He is a long serving member of the IAFC Safety, Health & Survival Section Board, and a technical committee member of the NFPA Occupational Health Standard for First Responders. He serves as a peer reviewer for the Center for Public Safety Excellence, is the Editor of Fire Engineering’s book, “Surviving the Fire Service,” and an advisory board member on numerous research grants.

Lisa Young

Senior Director of Communications & Engagement with DetecTogether

She is passionate about sharing the 3 Steps Detect program to increase survivorship. Lisa has 25 years of communications, marketing, and strategic business leadership expertise. She leverages her experience at leading healthcare technology companies and her education in health communications from Johns Hopkins University to serve the critical mission at DetecTogether. “I want to do my part to improve cancer outcomes for the 40% of the population who will be diagnosed with cancer. With the right tools, increasing health literacy, and removing barriers, we can improve self-advocacy and empower early diagnosis to save more lives.”

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