Behavior Based Safety Observation Software

Behavior based safety (BBS) software to record counts of employee safety behavior and conditions.

Observation Software

Our BBS software assists managers, supervisors, and employees in improving safety culture through observations on employees involved in safety critical behavior.

Complete safety observation reports with your mobile device

Vector EHS Management comes with a complimentary behavior based safety app, available for iOS or Android smartphones and tablets.

The mobile app makes data collection easier than ever for reporting any employee safety observation. It’s easy to configure which fields you’d like to appear within the mobile app.

Once an internet connection is established, you can upload the behavior based safety observation form to Vector EHS Management software for further review and reporting.

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Create and manage safety observation schedules

Vector Solutions’ safety observation management module enables you to stay on top of your behavior based safety program by ensuring employee observations are regularly conducted.

Set schedules for employees to conduct a certain number of observations in a time period. Users will be emailed summaries of scheduled observations to ensure their quota is met.

Checklists for any behavior based safety program

Vector Solutions’ safety observation software contains a variety of pre-built behavior based safety (BBS) checklists and observation forms.

These pre-built checklists may be used as is, or can be configured to better suit the needs of your organization.

We have included a few example behavior based safety checklists in our free download below.

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Create and analyze detailed safety observation reports

Track and trend valuable statistics, including the percent of safe observations per month.

You can also drill down to view unsafe acts and conditions by facility, category, risk potential, and much more.

Reports can even be scheduled to send automatically to key stakeholders and decision makers for proactive behavior management.

Conduct behavior based safety observations from anywhere

The Observation Public Web Form is offered as a complimentary add-on to our behavior based safety software. This public form allows all of your stakeholders to record observation checklists via a simple web link without a username or password.

Choose which questions display on the public form to make observation reports simple or more complex. All observation data is sent to the Vector EHS Management observation software for more detailed follow up and analysis by key team members.

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"[Vector EHS Management] is a valuable tool for SBA Communications as we move our Quality and Safety culture forward"

Nick W.

SBA Communications

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City of Alexandria Virgina Fire Department

"This software has allowed our department to gather data and completely revolutionized how we store and analyze this safety related data."

Jeffery M.

Deputy Fire Chief of Health, Safety & Risk Management, City of Alexandria Fire Department

City of Alexandria Virgina Fire Department

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