Vector SDS & Chemical Management

Enhance your safety data sheets & chemicals management with our GHS-compliant system.

Vector SDS & Chemical Management makes it easy to manage your safety data sheet (SDS) collections and chemical inventory electronically. With thousands of common safety data sheets, our affordable, web-based system puts this important data at your fingertips, district-wide. Quickly find the SDS you need to maintain GHS and OSHA compliance and improve workplace safety.




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A Safer Workplace

Easy SDS access gives employees the knowledge to stay safe and avoid incidents


Mobile Accessibility

Scan QR codes for instant, mobile access to important hazard warnings

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Simplified Management

Easily organize and manage your SDS with a flexible organization hierarchy

SDS Management Software, Simplified

Vector SDS & Chemical Management is designed to offer organizations the most effective way to store, organize, and access critical safety information.

Instant Access to Any SDS

Our web-based system can be quickly accessed from any internet-connected device, without requiring login information.

Using the advanced search feature, you can locate a specific SDS. Chemical safety information is never more than a few clicks away.

Print out online collections as neatly organized physical binders, secondary container labels, and location flyers with QR codes that include important hazard warnings.

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User-Friendly MSDS Management System

  • Create, update, and manage your SDSs and chemicals online to keep your chemical safety information accurate.
  • Organize safety data sheets by location and collection (rooms, labs, storage, etc.) to easily identify where hazardous chemicals are stored.
  • Control who has access to specific folders and binders and specify who can make changes to your site.

Utilize an Extensive Safety Data Sheet Library

Our subscription-based system includes thousands of searchable safety data sheets from chemical manufacturers.

Upload your own SDSs and additional documentation into the system for virtual management of your entire SDS portfolio.


Maintain SDS Program
OSHA & GHS-Compliance

Avoid costly fines and violations of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration's (OSHA) Hazard Communication (HAZCOM) standard with our affordable chemical management system.

All Safety Data Sheets, safety labels, and chemical reclassifications follow Globally Harmonized System (GHS) requirements.

Seamless Integration with Other Vector Offerings

Integrate your Vector SDS & Chemical Management system with Vector EHS Management software to track, manage, and analyze all your EHS activities within one system.


Vector SDS Industry Focused Solutions

We are introducing specialized solutions to help you achieve the
operational readiness that’s critical to success.

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What Our Customers Say

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This system is a lifesaver!

"Having remote access to our SDSs through our [Vector] SDS System helped us save the life of a student who had ingested a hazardous chemical!"

Kelly Breeding

Director of EHS, Fayette County Schools, KY

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