Hazard & Risk Management Software

Hazard management software to let employees report safety hazards and risks.

Hazard Reporting Software

Our safety hazard software encourages employees to report safety hazards and manage risks within the workplace.

Monitor hazards and conduct risk assessment

Vector EHS Hazard Management software allows you to report, analyze and resolve safety hazards within your workplace.

Using the pre-built configurable risk matrix, you can quickly perform risk assessments based on the probability and severity of hazards.

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EHS Hazards 2

Notify workers of hazardous conditions

Automated reports and email alerts can notify safety managers, frontline employees, and supervisors when new hazards are identified or resolved at their locations.

EHS professionals can easily generate reports to track hazards by source, department, and more. Safety managers can also drill down to view close rates across the organization.

Let all of your stakeholders report hazards

The Hazard Public Web Form is offered as a complementary add-on to our hazard reporting software. This public form allows all of your stakeholders to anonymously report safety hazards via a simple web link without a username or password.

Choose which fields display on the public form to make data collection simple or more comprehensive. All safety hazard data is sent to the Vector EHS Management hazard management software for more in-depth follow up and analysis by key team members.

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Discover how hazards impact other areas of your safety program

Hazards can be easily linked to safety activities, including inspections, incidents, and behavior based safety observations.

By comparing safety and health indicators across modules, you can see how unresolved hazards may be affecting overall health and safety compliance.

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What Our Customers Say

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"With [Vector EHS Management] we make sure no part of our safety program is overlooked, whether it's notifying potential hazards or scheduling regular inspections."

Shad S.

Lincoln Electric System

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“[Vector EHS] makes it easy to identify recurring problems and trends, and you can track how well you’re solving those problems,”

Luke L.

Safety Manager, City of Fargo

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Corrective Action Tracking

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Safety Metrics Reporting

The Dashboard enables senior executives, managers, and safety professionals to create and view key safety performance metrics.

Home Module

Safety Activity Software

The Home Module serves as a compliance calendar alerting users to upcoming and overdue safety items.

Vector SDS

SDS Management

Integrate with Vector SDS & Chemical Management to manage a database of safety data sheets all in one location.

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