Vector Check It for EMS Agencies

Formerly Halligan

Streamline routine inspections for your entire EMS agency with the Vector Check It web-based software and mobile application.

Always know the status of your vehicles, controlled substances, equipment, and inventory. Vector Check It is the ultimate EMS inspection and management web and mobile app for the tracking and maintenance of vehicles, drugs (including Schedule II controlled substances), drugs (including Schedule II controlled substances), drug safes/boxes, and other life-saving supplies. Ensure everything your department needs is accounted for and functioning properly.

Check It Asset Management
Asset 320-observation-management

Keep Your Units in Service

Perform daily checks with the vehicle inspection app, manage work orders, and keep everyone up-to-date across shifts.


Asset 115-effective-methodology

Simplify Inventory and Storeroom Logistics

Track costs and quantities of your medical supplies, drugs, and tools to prevent over-ordering and loss.


Ensure Your Equipment is in Working Order

Track the status of your PPE, medical supplies, and all your equipment to ensure it's available when you need it.


Convenience of Mobility

User-friendly interface empowers personnel to perform essential checks and get critical insight into the status of your department's valuables from any mobile device.


Maintain compliance with the DEA

Know the usage, transfer, safe and box counts, and status of every controlled substance in your inventory with full chain of custody tracking and reporting.

Asset 125-license-tracking

Ensure Accountability

Use dual e-signatures and comprehensive documentation to maintain a strict chain of custody and ensure compliance and accountability.

Essential Routine Inspections Made Simple

Ensure Compliance and Securely Track Controlled Substances

The Controlled Substance module in Vector Check It equips EMS agencies with the ability to track the quantity, location, and expiration dates of controlled substances, particularly Schedule II drugs, from the moment they are acquired through storage, use, or disposal. Easily record transfers and custody changes with security options, including biometric user authorization, PIN, and double e-signature.


Optimize Inventory Management

Reduce waste and human error with electronic inspections and accurate inventory records in Vector Check It. Track inventory levels to help users visualize inventory, review expirations, and restock items as needed.

Simplify Daily Unit Inspections

Vector Check It offers an integrated and centralized way to streamline daily EMS vehicle inspections within the app. Using any web-enabled device, personnel can perform routine checks to verify all parts are working correctly and identify needs for repair or maintenance.

Ambulance and Check-It IPad Preview
Ambulance - Check-It

Streamline Equipment Inspections

When answering a call, your biggest concern should not be whether your equipment is functioning properly. Vector Check It equipment inspection app makes it easy for EMS agencies to create custom-built checklists to ensure every piece of equipment is up-to-date and ready to use.

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What Our Customers Say

Las Vegas Fire Rescue Patch

It was impossible to track out out-of-service unit time before we implemented Check It. Now we have the history to show maintenance costs and how often reserve engines are going out to help justify new ones.

Eric Moon, Administrative Battalion Chief of Support Services

Las Vegas Fire and Rescue (NV)

Las Vegas Fire Rescue Patch