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EHS inspection mobile app and software to schedule, conduct, and track EHS inspections.

EHS Inspection Software

Our health and safety inspection software allows employees to immediately report safety audits and oversights in the workplace. It provides EHS managers with the tools to easily analyze their safety inspection data and quickly implement corrective actions before incidents occur.

Conduct and record safety inspections anytime, anywhere

Included is our safety inspection app which enables you to complete inspections faster than with paper by using your iPhone, iPad or Android device. The mobile app can even be used when offline, making it perfect for field and site inspections.

You can also use a GPS locator tool to pinpoint your exact location, attach photos, and can create corrective actions. Link these corrective actions to checklist line items to resolve identified deficiencies.

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Mobile inspection software for any type of inspection

Vector EHS Management’s inspection software and mobile app comes with a variety of pre-built checklists linked to detailed OSHA regulatory standards, including 29 CFR 1910 and 1926 Construction Safety.

These pre-built forms and checklists may be used as is, or can be edited to better suit your needs. You can also easily import your organization’s existing inspection checklists into our inspection software.

Users of the inspections app can immediately download the latest versions of checklists, ensuring inspectors in the field have access to the most up-to-date forms.

Create inspections to quickly respond to COVID-19

Health and safety inspections can be created or edited at any time, allowing organizations to quickly adjust their inspection program as needed.

In response to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, our clients have created checklists to help mitigate the spread of the virus. Some checklist inspect for proper PPE and sanitation procedures, while others allow employees to report signs of any COVID-19 symptoms

Managers have been able to easily analyze this COVID-19 safety data and implement corrective actions quickly to prevent further risk of exposure and allow for re-entry to facilities.

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Gain valuable insights from your EHS audits

EHS professionals can easily view audit compliance rates and identify areas of the business with the most deficiencies. By building custom reports, organizations can analyze the inspection data most important to their operations.

Our health and safety software can send automated reports on a recurring basis to provide team members with a comprehensive view of inspection activity within their departments, or across the whole organization.

Streamline scheduling and track inspection completion

Our inspection management software lets safety managers schedule recurring inspections — ensuring areas and assets are not overlooked and in compliant with government regulations.

The software sends automatic email notifications that will alert supervisors and employees of upcoming or overdue safety inspections.

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Let all of your stakeholders record safety inspections

The Inspection Public Web Form is offered as a complementary add-on to our safety inspections software and mobile app. This public form allows all of your stakeholders to record safety inspections via a simple web link without a username or password.

Choose which questions display on the public form to make safety audit reports simple or more detailed. All safety inspection data is sent to the Vector EHS Management safety inspection software for more in-depth follow up and analysis by key team members.

Track inspections of vehicles, equipment, and other assets

Link your organization’s assets to inspection forms to track the condition and maintenance of a specific vehicle or piece of equipment over time.

Leverage Vector EHS Management’s robust reporting tools to ensure that assets get the regular maintenance they need, identify recurring equipment problems, and predict downtime with more accuracy—leading to improved scheduling and budgeting strategies.

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Sign off on completed inspection forms

Vector EHS Management inspection forms feature an e-signature tool so that inspectors and other involved parties can sign off on completed inspections.

Multiple electronic signatures can be added to a single form. You can easily record your signature using your mouse, or finger on a mobile device’s touch screen.

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"Utilizing the Inspection and Incident modules, we are now able to identify trends and deficiencies that result from construction activities."

Nick W.

SBA Communications

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"Great enterprise solution for us. We have divisions, areas, the jobs managed by managers, general foremen, foremen. We also have about every job title as well. This tracks it all. "

Don W.

Vice President of HSE, Rokstad Power

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"A great app for inspections..."

Damien O.

Advanced Technology Services

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