How to Support Officer Wellness from Hire to Retire

In the line of duty, officers are going to see things that are difficult to watch. Whether it’s an accident, domestic violence, a shooting, etc., the reality is that an officer will be exposed to a number of critical incidents throughout their careers.

How do you prepare and support officers to ensure their mental wellness is being taking care of, along with their physical wellness, throughout their entire career?

In this special webinar presentation, Dr. Jen Prohaska, Sgt. Phillip D’Martino of the Kansas City PD, and retired law enforcement officer, Doug Kazensky, Solutions Engineer with Vector Solutions, will discuss how training, FTO programs, early intervention, and practicing resiliency can support an officer’s wellness, as well as the culture and well-being of the entire police agency.

We discussed:

  • Preventative measures for critical incidents
  • Tactics for Field Training Officers
  • How early warning systems can support wellness and culture changes

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