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Deliver training content tailored to keep your workforce safe and improve performance.

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“Vector Solutions has brought a training process to our company that is easy to follow, easy to maintain and easy to track, making the program that much more powerful.”


Mark Hanley, Senior Asset Reliability Manager
Land O' Lakes

Learning Management Software Tailored to Your Industry

The Vector Learning Management System (LMS) is a modern learning management system that molds to specific industry needs and functions. This training system combines unique features and functionalities to streamline assigning, tracking and reporting on course completions. With the Vector LMS, ensure your workforce obtains critical job knowledge, remains compliant and stays safe.


Improve Performance

Identify skill gaps and create training plans for staff development.


Lower Risk

Ensure team members have the knowledge they need to stay safe on the job.


Ensure Compliance

Meet requirements for licenses, credentials, HR mandates and more.

Beginner's Guide to Online Training

Learn the basics of online training, set your organization up for success and meet your online program needs.

Learning Management Software Solutions

Assign Courses and Track Results

Easily deliver, manage and report on employee training with a modern learning management system tailored by industry. Ensure HR mandate compliance by assigning online courses and developing training calendars.

Manage Credentials and Licenses

Meet local and national regulatory requirements and keep your workforce on top of compliance standards. Assign required courses for license renewal or certification and stay current on professional development hours and continuing education deadlines.

Track and Report on Training Goals

Report on training progress, completions and results with a centralized learning management hub. Gain critical insights to take necessary actions needed to improve workforce performance and reduce risk.

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Training Dedicated to Making Workforces Safe

Choose the Vector LMS Tailored to Your Industry

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Deploy Ready-to-Use Courses

Improve workforce performance and safety with training management libraries design for your industry. Choose from a large selection of modern, interactive, mobile-ready online courses easily deployed through the Vector Training and Learning Management System to meet your team’s learning and compliance priorities.

Organizations Succeed with Vector LMS

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“85% of what we do is respond to EMS calls.” Lieutenant John Tidings, Division of Training and Safety – EMS, Albany Fire Department (NY)   Although providing pre-hospital emergency care may not be the main…

Jacksonville Fire and Rescue Department

Managing EMS Recertification and ISO Training for 1,400+…

Keeping up EMS certifications and ISO training requirements can be challenging for any fire and EMS department. Jacksonville Fire and Rescue Department (JFRD), with 1,400+ firefighters spread across 65 stations, overcomes these challenges by leveraging…