Job Safety Analysis (JSA) Software

JSA software to track safety hazards associated with specific jobs and tasks.

Job Safety Analysis Software

Our JHA software identify the potential hazards associated with each step of a task and set appropriate controls to mitigate risks.

Track safety hazards associated with specific jobs

Vector EHS Management’s job hazard analysis (JHA or JSA) software allows safety professionals to build custom job hazard analyses for any organization.

This step-by-step analysis enables your workforce to better understand and resolve job hazards. By keeping your JSA’s online, it becomes easier to share them across your organization’s locations.


Conduct hazard analysis to reduce risks and residual risks

Vector EHS Management’s JSA forms include a risk assessment matrix. JSA analysts can use this matrix perform job hazard risk assessments based off probability and severity.

Organizations can easily modify this risk matrix to better meet their needs or applicable regulations. Learn more about prioritizing hazards and calculating risk with our risk matrix calculation guide.

Easily send JHAs for review, comments, and approval

Share JHAs with key team members for review and approval in order to establish and improve best practices.

Job hazard analysts, reviewers, and supervisors can also receive email alerts throughout the JHA lifecycle. This includes when a JHA is ready for review, when feedback has been received, and when it is ready for field use.

Learn more about how to complete a job safety analysis with our article that walks you through each step.


Analyze JHA reports and hazards

Vector EHS Management’s robust reporting tools allow EHS managers to dig deeper into JHA analytics to view close-out rates and track hazards by source, department, area and more.

Learn more about the steps involved in conducting a thorough JSA from start to finish using our detailed guide.

Sign off on completed JSA forms

Vector EHS Management’s JSA form features an e-signature tool so that job hazard analysts, reviewers, and supervisors can sign off on completed job safety analyses.

Multiple electronic signatures can be added to a single form. You can easily record your signature using your mouse, or finger on a mobile device’s touch screen.

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“We pride ourselves on doing a great job of identifying and addressing potential safety hazards. And with the help of IndustrySafe we are building a framework that can assist us in identifying contributing factors, becoming more responsive, and being proactive in our safety programs."

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"With [Vector EHS Management] we make sure no part of our safety program is overlooked, whether it's notifying potential hazards or scheduling regular inspections."

Shad S.

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